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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Distracted Studies - Chapter 1 (adult content)

This post was inspired by a message board thread entitled "What's the most erotic thing you've done in public?".  Although not THE most erotic, it was my first experience with a sexual act in public - unconventional to be sure, but an exciting memory.  Be sure to follow the ongoing saga of these two characters in future chapters of this story.
A very warm late spring day without any classes on my schedule affords me the opportunity to just throw on on a pair of running shorts and a t-shirt before escaping the noise of the dorm for the quiet of the college campus study lounge.  I can feel Summer just around the corner making it difficult to concentrate, but still I need a strong finish to the semester, so it's time to focus.
Once in the large study lounge, a grouping of two stuffed-cushion mission style chairs catches my eye as the perfect location so I head over and settle into the chair facing the back wall.  I'd normally much prefer the chair across from this one since it's backed against the wall with a  nice view of the co-eds coming and going, but that would run counter to my need for distraction free study time.  

I ease back into the chair with my textbook in my lap and stretch my long tanned legs out to the left beside the low three foot square table between my chair and the opposing one.  The warmth of the sun streaming through the floor-to-ceiling window on my left provides a taste of the outdoors making for a conducive study environment.

After an unknown duration of getting through some intense material, I look up and notice an attractive woman with dark hair and beautiful green eyes settling into the opposing seat across the low table from me about five feet away.   We share a quick smile and I return to my textbook.  I smile to myself thinking that she's the kind of distraction I was hoping to avoid.

A short chapter later, I look up and see her settled in with a textbook in her lap, her tanned legs extended to the side of the table enjoying the sun as well.   Those pretty green eyes of hers seem to be darting back and forth between the pages of her book and the binding of my book as it sits in my lap.  I think nothing of it and continue to read after shifting to a more comfortable position with my knees bent and my bare feet flat on the floor in front of me.

After another chapter I pause to stretch.   Placing my book on the flat wooden arm of the chair, I lean back and extend my arms upwards for several seconds in preparation for the next chapter.  I realize in that moment that it wasn't my book she was looking at, she was discreetly sneaking peeks up the left leg of my running shorts.  Although I'm naked underneath the thin white material, there isn't much of an opening for her to see anything, but apparently it's enough to pique her interest. 

"This could be fun" I think to myself.

While placing the book back in my lap I slouch in the chair and subtly adjust my position allowing the leg of my shorts to open a little more giving her just a hint of a view as a test.   I have to get back to my studying but look up from my book every few minutes to see how or if she reacts.  Her eyes are focused on her reading the first few times I check, but within a few minutes I find her again peering over the top of her book at my shorts - a sight that causes a mild arousal to flow through my body.  As soon as she returns to her reading I stir in my chair to again subtly improve her view.  Although I don't have her vantage point, I can feel the open air up the leg of my shorts signaling that the head of my slightly swollen cock is becoming visible to those pretty eyes. A combination of nervousness and excitement enters my body, the latter overriding the former because the idea of playing like this feels like too much fun to pass up.

I feel my powers of concentration slowly slipping away as I much prefer this little game we appear to be playing and how it has me distracted and a bit aroused.  Again I catch her eyes focused up the left leg of my shorts, but this time her stare lingers.  What was once a 3 second glance is now a 10 or more second stare before her eyes move back to her book.  The game is clearly on, and the more she looks the more access I give her through subtle adjustments of my shorts with the bottom of my book binding, all while pretending to be oblivious and focused on my studying.  That facade begins to break down moments later when I feel my arousal level growing stronger and my cock beginning becoming more firm with each discovery of her prying eyes.  Focusing on my reading is becoming more difficult, but still I attempt to get through just a few more pages...
I feel a strong rush fill my body the next time I look up to find those gorgeous eyes taking in what I can feel is my now very visible semi-erect member
just barely inside my shorts as it rests on my inner thigh pointing towards my left hip.  After an extended stare, she returns to her reading but the look on her face tells me she isn't getting any more studying done than I am.  Is she just curious, or do I have a real voyeur on my hands?

The unexpectedly arousing sensations of being casually on display to such a willing audience has me in a horny fog which I'm drifting deeper into with each passing minute.   My mind readily yields control to my libido and I find my eyes slowly scanning her long legs stretched out beside the table from the nicely manicured toenails on her attractive feet, up her well defined calves, to her firm thighs - naked up to the hem of her very short running shorts slit at her hipbones.  My erection stiffens at the sight of her, causing my swollen head to press firmly upward against the tentative grip of the hem of my shorts.  Again I try to read but can only stare at the page in front of me.  The next time I look up, I see her eyes glued to my exhibition causing an even stronger rush to hit me. My erection grows fuller forcing my circumcised head to break the plane of my shorts and ease out into the open air.  I wonder briefly as I float in an ever increasing fog of arousal if I have crossed the line, but the intense focus of her gaze and the hungry look on her face tells me clearly this is not the case.

At this point - a good 20 minutes into our dance - all pretense of studying is now gone.  The lost look on her face and blatantly obvious stare is driving an an almost inexplicable intense hunger inside me.  My thoughts become increasingly erotic, feeding off the intensity in her beautiful eyes while enjoying the sensation of the warm sun streaming through the window onto the bare flesh of my naked head.  I again slowly scan her bare legs, this time sensing her watching me, and begin to gently, subtly, massage the lower inch of my shaft through my shorts with the bottom of my book binding, raising my arousal level and revealing more skin to my voyeur a teasing fraction of an inch at a time...

I watch her pretty face as she takes in the sight of my increasingly bold display and wonder what fantasy is running through her mind and if it matches my thoughts of her kneeling between my legs and devouring this erection she's caused.  Just the thought causes my shaft to press another inch out of my shorts.

Over the next few minutes, those eyes coax all but the lower half-inch at the base of my 7 inch precum-tipped cock out into the open - the pressure of the book keeping my erection pointed along my open left thigh restricting my display to an audience of one.  The subtle book binding massage at the base of my thick shaft continues, adding to the flow of energy coursing through my horny body.
Seeing beyond a doubt how much she is into this, I relax and try to read a little while intensifying the slow massage of my fully exposed rock hard erection.  She squirms in her chair and attempts to read as well, but after only one page I look up to find her eyes staring hungrily at my naked cock.  A familiar intense energy races into my thighs catching me somewhat by surprise and I back off my massage to let the sensations subside.
I look up at her face and our eyes meet in an intense gaze, again making me wonder what she's thinking.  Is she simply a voyeur who enjoys the sight of cock, or is she fantasizing about taking my swollen dick in her mouth or mounting me right there in the chair?
Her eyes leave mine after several long seconds and drift down to my erection where I resume the slow manipulation at the base with my book binding enjoying my exceptionally heightened sensitivity.
Again I scan her legs up to her tight shorts, pausing at her crotch and feeding off her fine body before moving past her book to her face to meet her eyes. She flashes a little smile of appreciation for my admiration of her body - a simple act that, combined with her resumed stare at my sun warmed cock causes that familiar flow of energy to again build in my thighs.  I ride that sensation for a good 30 seconds, watching her enjoy the sight of my throbbing dick, then with her eyes glued to me I simply let the sensations overtake me.
I manage to heavily mute my groan as an unbelievably strong orgasm rips through my body sending waves of creamy liquid racing from my balls up my twitching shaft and erupting out onto my thigh.  Flying high, I watch her face through my mental fog as she continues to stare with her mouth slightly open at my glistening, exposed, turgid cock while I ride the high of my explosive orgasm.   
Time stands still for a good 30 seconds as I lay back fuzzy-headed and relaxed in the chair still lightly moving the book binding, coaxing the last few drops of semen onto my thigh. She looks up making eye contact with me and I smile through my haze eliciting a spark in those gorgeous eyes. She then eases her eyes down to my display, lingering there before returning to her reading - or more accurately pretending to, as 10 seconds later I see her daydreaming while staring at my spent cock laying naked and swollen on my wet inner thigh.  

My focus somewhat restored, I resume studying while keeping my left leg open and my cock playfully exposed for those now-less-frequent moments where she might enjoy the view.  I feel remarkably relaxed allowing me to breeze through a couple of chapters without distraction, as she seems to be doing as well.
Fifteen minutes pass before I see her eyes focused on my slumbering penis - a sight that brings the erotic sensations from the past hour flooding back into my body.  I feel my cock begin to reawaken and rather than tease her this time, I use the binding of my book to slowly pull the hem of my shorts back allowing her to watch me get hard without any material obstructing her view.  Electricity flows throughout my body as I watch her view my steadily growing cock as I become rock hard under the spell of her mesmerizing eyes.  The lounge is largely empty now so I have the freedom to let him grow straight up pointing to the ceiling with only my book being necessary to block the view of anyone who might be behind me.  This mutually beneficial relationship feels relaxed now and I continue reading with a smile on my face.  Minutes and pages pass until I finish the next chapter then pause for a quick break.  She's reading, but soon looks over her book to check out my erection.
"You're quite the snake charmer"  I blurt out.
She looks up from my hard dick a little surprised, then fires back
"Well you have quite the snake".
"He likes the sun and doesn't seem to want to stay in his enclosure today"
"Lucky me"  she responds with a smile, then catches another lustful glimpse before returning to her book.

I close my eyes briefly, attempting to capture all that had just happened, feeling deeply pleased that I explored this unique opportunity to it's fullest.  When I open my eyes I sadly find her packing up.  She stands, stretches, then flashes a lingering mischievous grin before catching one final look at my blatantly exposed 3/4 erection.  
"Gotta run" she says
"Can I have your number?"  I ask quietly.
"I can't" she says, with a look that hints that she may be committed to someone.
"See you around then?"  I inquire.
"Maybe"  she says with a playfully mischievous grin before walking away. 
I place my book on the arm of the chair and stare down at the sight she was viewing, reliving the experience and realizing I had a newly discovered, thoroughly enjoyable exhibitionist side that obviously matched up well with the voyeuristic desires of a woman like my snake charming temptress.   
I pinch my thigh trying to determine if this was reality or a dream, but as I ease my swollen cock back into my shorts I realize this was no dream and I'm damn sure going to look for her around campus and find more opportunities to play. 

Chapter 2 can be found here:

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Distracted Studies - Chapter 2

This is a continuation of part 1 of a chance meeting between two college students discovering their exhibitionist/voyeur sides. It's best to read part 1 before reading part 2 in order to understand the background as well as the characters...
Chapter 1 can be found here:

I enter the campus student lounge on a hot late spring day for what will be a heavy cram session in preparation for finals.  Glancing into the corner of the room I find the chair where I entertained an inquisitive female voyeur a few weeks ago occupied, so I walk over and ease into the nicely cushioned opposing chair with my back to the wall, then pull my textbook out of my backpack and immediately dive into my first subject.
After an hour of cramming, I'm feeling good about my progress and take a short break to free my mind before continuing, which given the location has me quickly becoming lost in the memory of sitting in the now empty chair across from me a few weeks ago, and the snake charmer who helped me discover a deeply enjoyable exhibitionist side I'd never experienced.  I haven't seen her since that day, but still vividly remember her curiosity about what was up the leg of my shorts and how surprisingly arousing it was to teasingly unveil my aroused member while she watched with such intense interest.  Ten seconds in to my reverie I can already feel an easy arousal flowing through my body, a sensation I let linger for a couple of minutes before refocusing on my textbook.

A few pages into the next chapter I'm distracted by someone approaching and look up to find an attractive woman wearing a short tight slip dress place her large tote bag on the floor and ease into the seat across from me.  I return to my reading but by the end of the next chapter the distraction of her her long tanned legs stretched out and crossed at the ankles beside the little two foot high table between us have my libido heightened and my mind wandering.   My eyes slowly take in the sight of her pretty feet strapped into a pair of wedge sandals, her well manicured toenails, tight calves, and long toned thighs leading up up to the hem of her casual mini-dress riding very high on those nicely tanned legs.  Sensations of arousal begin to flow through my body as I continue up to the nicely manicured fingers grasping her book, then to the ample cleavage of her full breasts obviously naked underneath the thin material of that flimsy little dress, up to her mostly exposed shoulders covered only by thin spaghetti straps and the tips of her shiny brunette hair, and finally up to her pretty face.
As I'm admiring her, her eyes flit up to mine and an instantaneous flood of energy shoots into my body as our frozen stare lingers for a good five seconds.  

It's her.  

Her hair is down and she's dressed hotter, but I'd know those beautiful green eyes anywhere.

I flash a quick smile which hangs unanswered for a couple of seconds before the corners of her mouth turn slightly upward just as she goes back to her reading, and I to mine.  Needless to say, my concentration level just dropped from a 95 to a 10 at best, yet through this unexpected fog and the sensation of my now semi-erect cock growing in my shorts, I *try* to return to my studying.  After finishing a short chapter, I look up to find her still focused on her reading and take the opportunity to get a visual sense of this woman.   The first time we 'met' my mind was reeling from our voyeur/exhibitionist dance and I realize now that I barely know what she looks like.  Given this second chance, I discreetly check her out, letting the image of her pretty face burn into my memory.
My eyes soon turn to the hem of that little dress sitting alluringly high on her toned thighs, the sight of which causes my cock to grow even more in my shorts as I become lost in the deeply arousing thoughts of my encounter with this voyeur a few weeks back.   I can feel her watching my admiration of her legs, so I continue my gaze for a few seconds, then slowly shift focus back to my book.  Tamping down my sexual hunger well enough to get through another chapter is difficult enough, but it comes roaring back when I look up and notice her curious eyes momentarily focused on my shorts.
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, game on"  I think to myself.
I'm at a slight disadvantage being that my chair is facing in the direction of the large room instead of directly to the back wall as hers is, but if she wants to play like last time, I'll find a way to give her what she wants.

I feel myself spiraling into sexual fog, scanning down from her face, to her tanned chest, pausing at the tastefully exposed tops of her C-cups, then past her book to the hem of her skirt and on to her outstretched legs.   
The warm sun streaming through the adjacent floor-to-ceiling window highlights those legs beautifully; her thighs now even more exposed as the hem of her dress seems to be rising higher on her firm with each passing moment.
Embracing this sexual fog, I absentmindedly focus my gaze between her lean tightly closed thighs, and soon feel her watching me again.  I smile, knowing the feeling well from when this temptress showed such keen interest in what was up the leg of my shorts, and I begin to fantasize about what she's wearing underneath that little dress.

Having only an hour before my next class, I reluctantly snap out of my daydream and settle back into my chair to study stretching my long tanned legs out alongside hers, giving her the best view possible of the outline of my erection.  Taking one more gaze at her pretty face, great hair, toned body, and those beautiful legs, I return to my book - aroused and distracted with my dick aching to escape from my shorts. 

A few pages later, I look up to find her looking lost with those eyes locked onto the outline of my engorged dick.  Her gaze lingers for a good fifteen seconds then to my surprise she sits up, closes her legs and slips the book into her tote bag.  
"Don't go, we were just getting started"  I think to myself, watching as she stretches in her chair, tilts her head back and arches her back while pressing her chest forward prominently displaying her full breasts sitting naked under the thin material of her v-neck dress.  A sense of relief hits me when she settles back into her chair with another book.  
"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"  I moan to myself, possibly loud enough for her to hear upon seeing her place the sole of her right wedge sandal on the edge of the low table between us leaving her legs slightly open providing a limited view between them.  The answer to the question of whether she'll show me a glimpse of her panties is now clear.  She won't, because she's not wearing any!

I see a bit of nervousness come over her face as she continues to read, and before I can refocus my gaze she closes her legs.  I remember very clearly the nervousness I felt when I gave her the first glimpse of my naked cock during our initial encounter, so I give her a little breathing room by pretending to focus on my textbook while keeping my legs stretched out to ensure the outline of her handiwork is easily visible, even though it's trapped under the fabric of my shorts.  The excitement of her potential reciprocation of my previous display has my mind reeling and less than a minute later I see her again looking distracted as she checks out the outline of my hard cock.  She squirms in her chair as if trying to get comfortable and in the process lets her left leg fall open slightly giving me another teasingly limited view of her naked pussy.  Feeding her fledgling exhibitionist desires, and my voyeuristic hunger, I gaze between her legs while fantasizing about my temptress in her bedroom reliving the experience we shared, letting her fingers glide over her pussy and masturbating as the sight of my cock springing free and me eventually cumming for her, filled her mind.   

My focus shifts to her face where I find she'd been watching me.  She closes her eyes for a moment, almost as if acknowledging that my thoughts reflected reality rather than fantasy, then opens them staring directly into mine.  Our gaze lasts five seconds, punctuated by an encouraging smile on my part before she returns to her reading.   

I have to get through this reading material in less than an hour, but I can only manage to get through a few pages at a time before pausing to enjoy her display.  She's toying with me by slowly, subtly opening her legs an inch at a time to greet me with a better view each time I look up from my book.

After twenty minutes of this dance I finally finish the reading I need to do before class and now have time to fully enjoy this cock-stiffening scene. The sight of her exposed tanned outer lips highlighted by the afternoon sun streaming through the window next to us is a sight that has me indescribably aroused.  There's nothing discreet about my stare at this point and when I do look up to her face I see that exhibitionist rush in her eyes - one I know full well having experienced the enjoyable sensation of the warm sun shining through the window onto my exposed genitals the first time we met.  

She leans forward to reach into her tote, sliding her right foot off the edge of the table down to the floor in the process, knowing full well her full breasts are hanging free in the top of her dress as she fishes for what turns out to be a highlighter.  
A clearly audible moan escapes from my lips when I see her slouch in the chair, sliding her ass to the edge of the cushion forcing the hem of her dress up to her hip bones, and with both feet now on the floor giving me a completely unobstructed view of her moist pussy.
A subtle satisfied grin appears on her face in response to my moan and she again eyes the bulge in my shorts. 

I can feel her eyes on me, feeding off my voyeuristic stares at her moist petals and hopefully reading how I want to crawl across this table and explore them with my tongue. 
The look on her face speaks volumes - those two beautiful green pools reflecting a deep state of arousal as exhibitionist juices flow through her beautiful body.  I watch as the fingers of her left hand graze the top of her thigh searching for the hem of her dress.  Upon finding it at her hip bone, she curls those digits gently under the hem of what is now effectively a long tank top and again closes her eyes knowing just how exposed she is.With my eyes glued between her spread legs and my cock throbbing, I take in the sight of her perfectly formed lips, tracing those thin tanned ribbons of flesh up to the "v" of her hood, her skin shaved clean with the exception of a small teardrop shaped patch of short dark hair just above her clit.  I'm in a fog of disbelief watching her reciprocate with such obvious pleasure despite her nervousness. 

I pretend to read a little more, but soon look up to find her eyes moving along my outstretched legs, stopping at the outline of my obvious erection. I look down to see what she's seeing, and find my cock pressing firmly against the thin material of my workout shorts clearly exposing the state of my dick. My eyes return to her face, watching her pretty green eyes riveted on the cylindrical bulge in my shorts.  The tables are momentarily turned, and I'm again rock hard under the intoxicating spell of her stare.    
My god she looks so lost in all of this, and somehow, sitting in this very exposed position, she still has this aura about her that makes it all visually  tasteful and sexy.  I'd love to know what fantasy is running through her mind as she stares at my swollen dick.
With my eyes locked onto her soft wet petals glistening in the light of the afternoon sun I drift off into my own daydream of us getting locked in this place after it closes and fucking each other to exhaustion in every position possible all over that chair.  I stare into her eyes just as she looks up into mine and find such a hungry look on her face as if she could read my horny thoughts of crawling between those long legs to get a delicious taste, opening those light brown petals with the tip of my tongue as it makes its way up under her hood, licking her, keeping her right on the edge until she's had all she can take then cums in waves of orgasmic pleasure just before I drive this hard cock up her tight little pussy and fuck her to another.

I adjust my position bringing my feet back in front of the chair and can now feel more than a hint of air conditioning on the head of my cock. Given my state of arousal, I could care less who sees it as long as she does, although the chances are slim that anyone else can.   Her intensified stare and an "mmmmmmmmmmmm yes" purr confirms her view of my swollen head up the leg of my shorts.  Those pretty eyes reflect a state of drunken arousal much like mine and I feed them by slowly exposing more of my hungry flesh.
Her fingers glide onto the top of her open left thigh, nails digging gently into her soft skin as she watches me stare lustfully at her beautiful legs and fully exposed moist pussy.  She purrs softly and I look down to watch her fingers glide up towards her exposed petals.  Her index finger hovers over her clit, then she hesitates and moves her hand up to the edge of her book. God how I'd love to see her let loose and touch those lips.

Her stare at my increasingly exposed erection is so intense that I'm not even sure she knows I'm watching her until she hears my soft moan upon seeing her index finger ease onto her clit and caress that bare skin for a few seconds before her fingers retreating to the edge of her book.

I squirm in my chair feigning an attempt to get more comfortable and the hungry look in her eyes intensifies upon seeing even more of my naked cock revealed.  She responds by lightly circling her clit for a good ten seconds before her nerves kick in and she pulls her hand away.

Our dance continues with our minds foggy and bodies deeply aroused - both of us unapologetically eying each others exposed genitals as they sit free in the warm sun.  I sense her looking at my face and seconds later my eyes raise up to meet hers.  We share an intense stare that lingers as our minds flood with erotic thoughts.  Those green pools flit down to my cock then back to my eyes. Mine connect with hers then move to her exposed pussy before returning to our lost stare. 
Lost and nervous, she again moves her fingers to her moist Sex.  A simple touch causes her eyes to close and mouth to open.  I can see her body struggling with her mind - a feeling I know very well - and when she opens her eyes, I give her body a push by having three quarters of my turgid glistening dick exposed for her to view.  Her mouth drops further as she slides one finger inside her pussy, then drags those wet juices up to her exposed clit, pausing before beginning to tentatively yet sensually rub that firm tingling piece of flesh.
Again I wonder what she's thinking as she stares at my erection, watching her reaction when I ease my open hand down my shaft then using my fingers pull the leg of my shorts back towards my body to give her a full view of my entire erection.
A soft moan escapes from her lips and her finger moves faster on her clit.  Within seconds she lets out a little cry and her upper body lurches forward a few inches. 
"Mmmmmmmmmmm cum for me" I urge, watching her too-sensitive-to-touch pussy lips pulsate after she falls back in the chair.  She touches again and within seconds her body reacts.  I can see in her eyes that her head is spinning with the conflicting sensations of her body wanting to cum despite the nerves and fear.  She touches again then backs off.
Her eyes meet mine and I get lost in the depth of her arousal.  She knows I get it.  I can see it in her eyes as she searches mine. 
She watches as my eyes drift down between her legs.  Four fingers ease over her exposed lips, then she circles her clit with her index finger while staring at my fully exposed rock-hard dick.  I see her body tense but instead of backing off she continues to stroke her clit.  I watch intently as her mouth drops open and her hips discreetly raise up off the cushion.  She hangs on the edge for a few seconds before a muted orgasm grips her half-naked body sending her flying into the clouds...
I've never seen a woman climax that quickly, but then again I came for her with just the binding of my book stimulating the base of my shaft, so I understand fully what nerves and intense arousal can do, especially in a public setting like this.
I smile as she returns to pretending to read her book while gently stroking her petals as she flies - her face flushed and those beautiful eyes glazed over...
Her flight is short - at least judging by how long she continues to stroke her pussy - as was mine two weeks ago, but damn, watching her climax was so fucking arousing that I'm not sure my erection will subside in time for class.

When she opens her eyes, they meet mine.  A vacant stare greets me as the glow of her orgasm lingers.
Her eyes drop down to my erection and I glance at the clock across the room.  I have only fifteen minutes before a mandatory class starts, but I'll take it down to the last second to be able to continue to enjoy the sight of this orgasm-drunk beauty across from me.  By the way she's sitting with her legs still nicely spread, I can tell she knows that I understand exactly what she's feeling - the emboldening power of this experience, and the  addictive desire to remain on display as long as the voyeur wants to watch.

At the last minute, I pack up, scribble out a note.  
"Dear Snake Charmer,
As I'm sure you can tell, I'm so fucking aroused by your display and thoroughly enjoyed every moment.   I hate like hell to leave but I absolutely *have* to attend my 11:00 class.
Let's do this again soon, and often :)"
Then add my cell number and e-mail address.

I stand and stretch then look over to see her eying my tall lean muscular body, then step around the little table and hand her the note.  She looks a little nervous at me approaching her, but I smile when our eyes meet.  I say nothing and her eyes drift down to my 3/4 erection in my shorts sitting at her eye level.
"Feel free"  I say, inviting her to touch me.
"I can't" she responds - the same response I got last time when asking to take our encounter somewhere private.
I realize I can be seen by people other than her so I squat down next to her left leg, not expecting my cock to break free of my shorts and brush against her knee on the way down.
"Sorry, he doesn't seem to want to stay covered around you".
"Neither does she" the green eyed beauty responds directing my attention to her bare pussy less than two feet from my face while allowing my naked cock to rest against her leg.

I take in the sight of her glistening petals and swollen clit then pause at her breasts on the way back up to her face.  The smoldering sexual tension between us hangs in the air. This is new to both of us and we don't quite know what to say, but I can tell she's feeling every bit of it.

Our silence lingers for a few seconds before I simply say 
"Imagine the possibilities".  
She says nothing, but I can see the wheels turning in her mind.
"I've got to run to class, but please read my note".  
"I will" she says.  She again takes in the sight of my 3/4 erect cock pressing against my shorts then continues "I hope you have something in your backpack to to throw on over those shorts".
I look down. "Good point.  Fortunately I do".
I take one last look at her beautiful half-naked body then leave her with a smile and head off to class...

I arrive at class just in time and although highly distracted I struggle through being sure to take exceptionally good notes, because I surely can't trust my recall in this state.

As soon as the class is out, I rush back to the study lounge, but sadly she's gone.  I optimistically check my phone for a text or e-mail, but find nothing and decide to blow off the rest of my studying and head to the beach to join some friends in an afternoon of beach volleyball.  Once the first game starts, the buzz of the morning takes a back seat to the intensity of the game, although during timeouts and in between sets a fantasy of her on the other side of the net in a skimpy bikini checking out my 3/4 naked body (as I do hers) does persistently drift into my thoughts...
The afternoon at the beach was just what I needed to burn off the unbelievably high level of energy residing in my body.
Upon arriving back at the apartment, I routinely check my messages and return a couple of quick phone calls, then I see an e-mail in my inbox titled "Nervous".  
I open it, and it reads:
"It's a shame you had to leave this morning, but at least your timing was good. :)  Your note put a smile on my face and sent my mind reeling at the thought of "possibilities".  I can't even count the number of times I masturbated while remembering the sight of your cock growing out of those shorts, then watching you cum for me a couple of weeks ago.  And today, from the time I removed my thong in the restroom before sitting down, to the time I reached orgasm I was so nervous, but also INCREDIBLY aroused!
I get wet just thinking about you watching me...  My god, the rush!!!!

--Snake Charmer

p.s.  About your suggestion of doing this again, and often.  Maybe ;) "

Hmmmm, there's that teasing "maybe" again.
I respond immediately:
"Dear Nervous, :)
Just got back from an afternoon of beach volleyball where thoughts of this morning (as well as you on the other side of the net wearing a skimpy bikini) kept me nicely distracted.
God I loved watching you and your beautiful naked pussy, and then for you to let loose and masturbate for me... mmmmmmmmm so fucking hot!  Not to mention the way you stared lustfully at my exposed cock.  You make me hard so easily with those gorgeous eyes.
I did see you fighting nerves, the same as I was a couple of weeks ago since I'd never done anything like that, but the next time we meet I'm hoping we can both be relaxed and arouse the living hell out of each other.

Shower time.  Feel free to picture me naked and leaning back against the wall with water dripping off my body as I stroking my rock hard cock thinking about you and our encounter this morning.

Like I said - imagine the possibilities and feel free to send thoughts my way whenever they cross your sexy mind... 

Until we meet again, hopefully very soon...
--The Snake"