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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Flight to Paradise

I have been looking forward to this trip to for almost a year. Through advance planning on my part I managed to successfully defend myself against my clients best attempts to invoke Murphy’s Law on the day of my departure, and I now find myself settling back into my first class seat on a plane bound for Jamaica and a week of wild, very adult fun. A mischievous grin slowly appears on my face as I put my cell phone in airplane mode, thus shutting it off from the outside world and any attempts to contact me.

The flight attendant greeting the boarding passengers glances my way, catching my grin and flashing a seemingly knowing smile. From my window seat in the last row of the first class cabin configured with two seats on each side of the aisle, I casually watch my mostly tanned, resort-wear attired fellow passengers making their way past me until the flow slows to a trickle, then close my eyes and begin the process of replacing thoughts of work and to-do lists with ones of the warm Caribbean Sea, beautiful beaches, and a very hedonistic resort destination where I and the other guests will spend our days naked in the warm sun.
After a few minutes I open my eyes and notice the aisle is empty. Good, the boarding process is almost complete and we will be airborne shortly. Two more minutes pass and I look up from browsing the drink menu to see the flight attendant welcoming an attractive but rather stressed looking woman dressed in a business suit.  She stops at my row, stuffs her carry-on bag into the overhead compartment then falls into the seat next to me.

“Business attempting to encroach on your vacation?” I inquire.

A long breath escapes from her mouth “You have NO idea”, she responds looking straight ahead.  “I’ve been there myself and I swore it wasn't going to happen today so I let everyone know I would be incommunicado after lunch for that very reason.”  A slight smile comes over her face. “Thanks for the Jimmy Buffett reference, I needed that”.  "Nice pull" I think to myself, impressed with how she instantly caught that song title connection.

“No problem”. I relax back in my seat “Soon I’ll be wastin’ away in Margaritaville” I respond in an intentionally corny manner.
“Don’t push it” she fires back, eliciting a laugh on my part.

The sound of the plane door closing precisely at 10 p.m. signals the official start of my vacation, bringing about an anticipatory excitement.  Soon the last hurdle is crossed as the plane powers smoothly into the air, Jamaica-bound.

Once at altitude, I order two drinks - one for myself and the second for the stressed-out fast-asleep woman beside me. The rum goes down smoothly and soon I’m drifting off to a light nap myself in the dimly light cabin.
Thirty minutes later or so, I stir in my seat and slowly open my eyes.  My empty drink glass comes into focus, then I glance over to find hers empty as well.
"mmmmmmmmm nice" slips out of my mouth as I turn my head and notice she's changed into a skimpy little halter sundress that has her breasts nicely on display.
"Pervert" she responds looking straight ahead.
"Guilty,  and I suppose you're heading to the islands to become a Nun?" I ask.
"As a matter of fact, I am".
"Too bad.  I guess I won't be seeing you at Hedonism II then". I say in a hushed tone so as not to awaken our neighbors.
She turns and makes eye contact, leaning slightly towards me, and whispers "You never know, I may be assigned to that den of naked hedonistic debauchery to attempt to save you"
Our eye contact lingers for several seconds then I glance down at her full breasts barely covered inside the top of her dress, then back to those pretty brown pools.
"Or me, yours".
"Possibly" she responds.  "Mother Superior is unlikely to approve of my revealing nun costume, uh I mean *habit* ".
 "It's hot and humid in Jamaica.  How can she expect you to wear all that clothing?"
"I know, right?"
"I mean who says you couldn't be just as effective wearing a bikini?"
"Exactly".  She pauses for a couple seconds "Too bad I didn't pack one".

Just then, the flight attendant arrives with another round of drinks.
I raise the armrest between us.  
"To naked nuns"  I propose.
We clink glasses then down half of our drinks before relaxing back into our leather seats.
A moment later a strong jolt hits the cabin from a patch of turbulence.  She grips my bare thigh just above my knee and digs her fingernails into my skin.
"Excuse me?"  I say.
"Sorry, I'm a fair weather flier".
"Ok, I'll let it go this time".
Thirty seconds later, another strong jolt, and this time I grip her firm tanned thigh.
"Excuse me?"  She fires back with faux indignance.
"Sorry" I reply, letting my hand linger before gently easing my fingers over her bare skin in retreat.
For the first time in my life I find myself hoping for some turbulence, and mother nature doesn't disappoint as the next bump finds her hand again on my muscular tanned thigh - quick to grasp and playfully slow to remove.
Our game continues for the next thirty minutes, with me slowly testing the waters by having my hand steadily inching towards the hem of her mini-dress with every other bump.  She begins to respond in kind, reflecting a welcoming of my touch.
 Another round of drinks arrives.
"To turbulence"  I propose.
"Real or imagined" she responds with a warm smile.
We share an intense gaze lasting several seconds then ease back into our seats with our legs now permanently touching - both of us a bit sleepy, but exhilarated.
I glance out the window and see the lights along the Texas coastline.
"We're heading out over the gulf".
She leans over, placing her hand high on my thigh for balance and peers out the window showing obvious enthusiasm.  Her scent sends arousing sensations throughout my body as we watch the coastline disappear.  She turns her head and with our faces just a few inches apart whispers "I can't wait to get naked and party for an entire week".
"So the Nun thing?"
"Yeah, I changed my mind"
I laugh. "I can't wait either.  I've been looking forward to ripping my clothes off and letting my alter-ego loose for months now".
Those pretty eyes, her intoxicating scent, and the sight of her beautiful full c-cups hanging free in the top of her dress cause my cock to stiffen against the fabric of my shorts - a sight she readily notices and pauses to take in before slipping back into her seat.

At the next hint of turbulence I place my hand high on her inner thigh, gently caressing her soft skin.  She lets out an easy sigh, and slouches in her seat inviting my fingers to slide higher, which they do, a half inch at a time, slowly teasing her until my little finger finds her naked wet petals.  I hastily grab a blanket and drape it over our laps for privacy, then continue slowly fingering her wet petals and firm clit.
I turn to her and let my baritone softly vibrate in her ear:
"Imagine laying naked side by side on padded beach loungers looking out over the Caribbean while touching each other".
"mmmmmmm yes" she responds, then eases her hand onto my inner thigh.
"touching, stroking, arousing in full view of new-found friends"
"I'm such an exhibitionist" she says, now gently caressing my leg.
"Your beautiful tanned oiled body on display - tits swollen, nipples hard, legs spread, exposed Sex soaking wet"
"Your muscular body glistening, this cock rock hard and pointing towards the sun as I stroke your oiled shaft"  she moans softly - her hand moving the fabric of my shorts upward allowing her to grip my naked erect cock.
"Others getting aroused, kissing, touching, stroking as they watch us, and us them"
"Mmmmmmm yes, watching while being watched" she purrs.
"They watch you squirm, your hips rising to meet my touch, showing off those tight abs, and those fine natural tits dancing slowly on your chest with every deep breath".
"All natural.   You sucking on one nipple while finger-fucking my soaked box"
She glances down to enjoy the sight of her right breast sitting barely inside the top of her dress completely exposed to my eyes only.
"Exactly.  I could have you straddle me with those gorgeous legs and sink down on my rod, slowly fucking me while others watch my hungry wet cock disappear and reappear from your tight pussy"  She turns to look into my eyes, obviously high from my constant touch and the mental images I'm placing in her mind.
"But not this time" I continue.
Her stare is unbroken.
"This time, I take you to the edge and keep you just short of climax while your naked body squirms and the moans emanating from mouth plead for release".
"Mmmmmm all of those eyes on me.  My feet in the sand, legs spread, my body writhing on the lounger, aching to cum"

"Keeping you right on that edge for a couple of minutes that seem like hours"
"Like you're doing right now?"
The vacant look in her eyes sends a wave of arousal flooding into my body, prompting me to lean in and place a soft, sensual kiss on her sweet tasting lips - a kiss she readily returns.
"Yes, like I'm doing right now"
I finger her clit slightly faster, watching her eyes as her body climbs.
"Your gorgeous nude body squirming on that lounger, that exhibitionist rush overloading your senses, others watching in anticipation"
"Gripping and slowly stroking your rock hard dick"
"Mmmmm yes, with the same magic touch your using right now" I moan into her ear upon feeling her fingers massage and stroke my swollen shaft.
"Ohhhhhhh fuck" she softly moans, closing her eyes, panting and discreetly raising her hips up off the seat cushion.
I  back off slightly, letting my fingers drift between her soaking wet petals for a few seconds.
The look in her eyes when they reopen, speaks volumes.  Her mouth drops open as my touch resumes on her firm sensitive pearl.  Her back arches, causing her head to press back into the headrest and her fine tits to come dangerously close to breaking free from the top of her dress.
"Your beautiful toned naked body writhing on the padded lounger aching to cum.  Through your haze you see the arousal in others eyes and bodies.  Couples touching, stroking, watching, enjoying as you cling to the edge"
I let that thought linger in her mind while purposefully circling her clit with a steady motion.  Within fifteen seconds, I feel her grip my cock hard and watch as she arches her back, muting her orgasmic cry while attempting to keep her body relatively still.
She flies for a solid minute while I gently massage her clit - occasionally causing her body to spasm with just the right touch - then opens her eyes and turns her body to lean into me.
"I want that.  Every word, every action, every voyeur exactly as you said it.  I fucking want it".
My hard dick is now in her right hand being slowly steadily stroked under the blanket. The fire in her eyes is intense and hypnotic
"And what about you?" she asks.  "Would you get off on others watching me stroke this big thick cock while you lay naked and exposed on that lounger?"
"Hell yes I would" I respond staring into her pretty eyes, leaving no doubt of the honesty of my answer.
Still stroking me slowly but with more purpose, she whispers "you laying naked on that lounger, me on my side stroking your exposed cock and fondling your tight balls while others watch - some curious, others responding in kind".
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, fully exposed while enjoying your touch" I respond.
"My tongue circling your firm right nipple.  Mmmmmm, I love the way your dick responds to my touch" she whispers while squeezing my rock hard shaft under the blanket.
"My hand glides teasingly over your oiled glistening turgid cock, stroking and twisting as your long, lean, muscular body climbs - enjoying the ride while friends and strangers watch"
"Your tits brushing against my nude body, one leg bent giving my fingers access to your wet snatch" I whisper
"god yes" she responds just before placing a wet tongue filled kiss on my lips.  "Then kissing my way down your abs and devouring that piece of meat"
"Mmmmmm, you confidently sucking my dick with that talented mouth as we play naked in the warm sun".
A wicked grin comes over her face.

"I could give you an amazing blow job right there in front of everyone".
She pauses and I stare into her pretty eyes enjoying the pace of her hand job.
"But in addition to me licking and sucking you, I want our voyeurs to see your cock being touched, stroked, fondled and teased"
She strokes me faster and with more purpose, a sexy feral look in her eyes burning into mine.
I groan softly "you're in the drivers seat" then close my eyes.
Her smooth warm voice resonates in my ear "I want us all to watch you cum, to watch your warm seed explode into the air, splashing onto both of our nude bodies as your hips buck and your uninhibited groan commands attention"
"Mmmmmmmm fuck yes" I softly groan
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, is right, but first I'm taking you to the edge, to the point where you beg for release" she purrs, then eases her tongue softly around the inner portion of my ear.
She eases her fingers over my balls and curls them underneath.  "These tight shaven balls exposed, this thick rod throbbing in the warm sun, my fingers skillfully twisting and stroking, keeping you just short of orgasm"
"Like right now?".
"Like right now" she echoes.
My body is throbbing, aching for release, and as I had done to her a few minutes ago, she's keeping me right on the edge - slowly, steadily, stroking and twisting my turgid cock.
Again, her voice and warm breath are in my ear.  "I resist every urge to mount you and fuck your hungry body"
"As I do, to roll you onto your back and nail you" I fire back with our lips just inches apart.
"All in good time, right?"
"Exactly - teasing each other and our voyeurs - going a little further with each encounter"
I relax back into my seat and her lips are again at my ear.
"But for now, I'm showing off this big cock of yours.  Teasing you higher and higher, causing you to squirm, stroking and twisting as you climb, searching your eyes and body for that perfect moment"
My hips buck upward and I suppress a deep guttural groan.
"Mmmmmmmm, like this one" she purrs.
An deep, intense orgasm rips through my body sending me high into the clouds.
My head spins as her warm voice encourages me through every second of flight while her hand coaxes every last drop out of my balls and onto her slender fingers.

When I finally open my eyes, I turn to her.   She purrs strongly upon feeling my left hand slip inside the top of her dress, my fingers lightly caressing her firm nipple while placing a deeply sensual kiss on her lips. 
We share an intense stare, followed by warm smiles, then ease back into our seats with my hand on her inner thigh, and her slender fingers rubbing my creamy seed over the swollen head of my cock.
"Nothing like starting a wicked vacation on the plane"  I offer.
"I love spontaneous encounters, especially when it happens so organically"
"Agreed.  Roleplay starting with just the very basic premise laid out can be highly erotic as well."
She pauses looking a little lost, then turns and whispers in my ear "Mmmmm, stranger roleplay arouses the hell out of me".
The depth of arousal in her pretty eyes as they connect to mine speaks volumes.
I move my lips softly to hers and am greeted with a sensual cock-stirring kiss.
"I'm envisioning a series of anonymous texts coming your way from a *stranger* throughout the week instructing you where to meet, who to look out for at the masquerade party, or any number of potential encounters".
"You could well receive your share of equally intriguing texts"
"Such as?"
"Such as 'it's fuck-a-stranger night in the hot tub' meet me at midnight"
Her hand eases over my freshly aroused cock through the material of my shorts.  Then continues "That is, if you're into that kind of thing".
"Naw, that doesn't do much for me"  I respond with a smile.  "Now, sex with a Nun in a hot tub is a different story".
She smiles and we ease back into our seats - her fingers drifting over my half-covered erection before settling on my thigh, while mine ease up her inner thigh coming to rest at the hem of her mini-dress.  "That could be arranged" she responds. while pushing the blanket off our legs onto the floor.
"My goal for the week is to ensure that when I board the bus at the end, that there are zero I-wish-I-had's"
"That's perfect.  Do everything".
"And every one you want to, especially for a beautiful woman like you"
She looks at me. "Thank you, and I return the compliment, but despite what just transpired between us, I'm not into notching my bedpost.  I'm not into quantity".
I look into her eyes.  "I feel the same way.  I came here to play and have fun, not to go on a numbers conquest".
She searches my eyes, then smiles.
"Although..." I continue
 She turns and leans towards me letting the intensity of my feral stare soak in for several seconds.  My eyes slowly ease down from hers to those soft lips, graceful neck, exposed upper chest and firm tan c-cups threatening to spill out of her dress.  My eyes return to hers as the back of one finger caresses her right nipple just inside her dress causing it to quickly become firm.
She looks down to my shorts eying my refreshed erection then eases the back of one finger to the hem to lightly massage my wet opening.
"Unfinished business wouldn't fall under the category of a conquest, would it" I suggest in a continued whispered tone.
"No, in this case I'd categorize it as a crime"
"And we'd end up in handcuffs"
"I know!  Can you imagine a nun in handcuffs???"
"That would be terrible"  I respond in faux outrage.
"Awful" she grins, her eyes starting to look sleepy.
"You've had a long day" I say, then pull the blanket back up onto our laps.
I move in to place a soft kiss on her tender lips and close my eyes upon feeling the fingers of her right hand slip under my shorts firmly gripping my semi-erect cock, squeezing as it hardens her hand. Our tongues brush over each others.  She moans softly as my hand caresses her bare ass under that little dress.  Our kiss deepens, then breaks just short of that moment where she mounts me.  We stare into each others eyes and breathe.
"I can't imagine a woman like you being offended if I don't want to fuck you in an airplane bathroom"
She smiles.  "Not my first choice, no"
"And that would be?"
"Dynamic, depending on my mood" she responds with her hand lightly gripping my cock, "And yours?" she inquires.
"This week?  Anywhere and everywhere.  Beach, ocean, pool deck, hot tub, the garden up against a palm tree - to name a few.  Right now - laying on my back on the sand with a beautiful woman riding me under the warm sun"  The back of my index finger eases over her exposed nipple caressing it as she considers my current desire.
"Mmmmmmm, long slow penetrations without a care in the world"
We remain silent, eyes connected, letting that picture play out in our minds, intensifying as I kiss her again, enjoying her moans as my hand lightly massages her right breast under her open dress.
After a good 60 seconds, our kiss breaks.
She looks even sleepier, so I raise my glass and we toast "to unfinished business", then down the last of our drinks.  We ease back into our seats and slowly drift towards sleep.  I ease my hand onto her bare thigh under the blanket.
"Excuse me?" she whispers.
I chuckle and she responds in kind, slipping her hand onto my bare thigh.
I softly clear my throat in mock objection.
She grins and playfully slides her hand up higher, gliding the side of her little finger over the tip of my cock spreading the drop of precum over my sensitive skin.
She smirks, then purrs as my little finger finds her clit, lightly massaging it.
We ease into sleep, both of us surely dreaming about uninhibited play in the naked Jamaican paradise that awaits just four hours away....

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Distracted Studies - Chapter 3

This is a part three of an ongoing relationship between two people exploring their exhibitionist/voyeur sides first discovered during a chance meeting. You might want to read parts 1 and 2 before reading this chapter in order to understand the background as well as the characters, but it's not absolutely necessary.

Chapter 1 can be found here

Chapter 2 can be found here
                                                 *    *    *

I decided to take one class during the summer break, which left plenty of time for fun at the beach during the day and bar hopping at night with a wide circle of acquaintances.  Sex is casual and ubiquitous in this college beach town and I've had great luck in finding women who are more interested in having fun than starting relationships.  I'm not opposed to the latter, but there's plenty of time down the road for something more serious.
Even with only one class and a part time job at a surf shop, I'm once again behind on studying and need a long session to catch up, so I escape to the quiet of study lounge.  Given my past encounters in this lounge one might ask if that's the best locale, but my snake charmer is back home for the summer, possibly with her boyfriend - but that's just a guess because she's never said or written a word about a relationship.  I have received a few brief messages from her on an obscure social media site - the content being strictly sexual and a bit detached - but notes like "Masturbated to image of your exposed hard cock last night" always make my body react and I respond in kind about jerking off to the memory of her erotic display.  I've refrained from sending her pictures, as has she, hoping that the hunger will be even stronger if and when we meet again.   People come and go, which a person gets used to, but I have to admit that just the thought of her makes my mind and body stir like no one else can.

The lounge is largely empty on this sizzling hot summer day so I head to the corner to ease down into the chair where I watched my snake charmer tentatively expose her pussy and eventually masturbate for me a couple of months ago.  I am serious about studying, but can't resist potential for a few daydreams that have me picturing her in that chair just five feet in front of me across that low lying table.
I post my location on Facebook with a note phrased to garner some sympathy for having to study on such a great beach day, knowing full well I'd get the opposite response, and sure enough comments like "WTF?  get your ass to the volleyball court", "your priorities are fucked up!", and of course "Loser!" come back - all making me laugh.  Great friends ;)

My smile slowly fades as I relax back in the chair, kick off my flip flops and dive into my text book.  I find a study zone that has me clear-minded and able to get through the material quickly, albeit with the occasional pause to fantasize about the temptress who once sat across from me exposing and playing with her moist pussy.  Just the thought makes my cock stir in my shorts.  Hoping for a possibly synergistic moment across the miles, I consider checking my phone for a note from her but finding one would kill my concentration, so I resist the temptation.  It would be a long shot anyway since I haven't heard from her in a couple of weeks.
I regain my powers of concentration and get through another thirty minutes of studying, diving so deep into the subject matter that I didn't even see someone approach from my left.  Maybe a friend coming to give me a hard time in person? I think in the milliseconds before looking up and finding a friend, of sorts.
"You're back" I blurt out while finding my eyes staring into the gorgeous green pools of the snake charmer.
"I am" she responds with a warms smile.
"Have a good time with your family?"
"It was fun, but I'd had enough and yearned to get back to the beach".
"I know the feeling".
I blatantly scan her lean, tight, sun-kissed body finding her bare breasts resting inside a form-fitting semi-sheer little cotton crop top that snaps up the middle, down to her well-developed feminine six-pack just above a very short denim mini-skirt, and onto those gorgeous long legs and finally her pretty feet with their manicured toenails in her wedge sandals.
"I see you didn't sit around the house and eat junk food for two months"  I offer as our eyes once again meet.
"It wasn't easy to resist, especially in my family, but I enjoy outdoor workouts so that was my response to any junk food cravings".
"Agreed.  Outdoor workouts can be so much more interesting than going to the gym.  It's amazing how much it lightened your hair color". I say with a smile, still getting used to seeing her hair lightened to a dark sandy blonde instead of a medium brunette.
"Yeah, well I had a little help there".
"I like it".
Accompanying her new hair color is a more open self-assured demeanor that has me curious and strongly attracted.  A brief pause in the conversation makes me more aware of how those eyes, that body, and even her scent is making my cock grow firm in my shorts.
Her eyes drift down my body and pause at the outline of my erection.
"Seems our bodies are in sync" I say, letting my eyes lead hers to her erect nipples poking against the fabric of her semi-sheer cotton crop top that leaves little to the imagination.  She stares down at her very visible areolas and those firm nubs pushing outward towards me.
"When I first tried this on in the dressing room and saw how well it fit and how much it revealed, I stared in the mirror and got wet fantasizing about wearing it in public on a warm summer day".  I look again, enjoying how it clings so well to her body and how she'd left the top four of the dozen snaps unsnapped, briefly fantasizing about ripping the other snaps open to reveal her full, perky c-cups.
"And now?"  I ask.
She pauses, watching me admire her tits then responds  "Definitely wet".
I see her eyes again focused on my jogging shorts and look down to find a couple inches of my turgid cock exposed.
"Oops"  I say and slip him back inside the leg of my shorts only to have it pop right back out.
"Hey, you tried" she says.
" 'A' for effort?"  I ask.
"More like a 'C' " she says with a grin, "but I like the result".
"Pervert"  I say with a smile.
"Right back at ya" she fires back.
She has definitely changed - both physically and confidence-wise.
This instant increase in the level of attraction and obvious heat between us has caught me a bit off guard, but I'm more than ready for wherever this ride takes us.
A group of students enters the lounge, interrupting our moment, and sits to the side of us about 30 feet away so she nonchalantly steps over to the chair across from me and I tuck my swollen dick back into my shorts.  I eye her half naked body, appreciating her tight physique and the amount of work it takes to look that good.
"Beachbody.com" I ask, referring to a popular workout video site.

"Good eye" she smiles, appreciating my admiration of her body.
"And variations of other workouts" she continues.
"Hard work pays off, doesn't it".
"Yes, it does.  I feel great"
"You look amazing"  I respond sincerely, making sure she knows it's not just a line.  I can see her consider how to dilute my use of adjectives, but then she pauses and simply says "thanks".  With a warm smile.

"Let's get out of here so we can talk"  I say quietly.
"Or we could stay"  she responds with a mischievous grin.

"Persistence?" I ask, reminded of how she admires that attribute.
"Something like that" she says with a smile.
She sets the erotic novel just retrieved from her bag on the table to make sure I notice it, then leans forward to remove her shoes.  I watch as she eases back into the chair and opens her book leaving her legs open to give me a nice view of the panel of her wet semi-sheer thong clinging to her petals.  Soon her eyes dart up connecting to mine in an intense stare.  My blue pools dance down between her legs, then back up just in time to catch hers stare down at my swollen cock pressing against the thin fabric of my shorts.  Our eyes meet once again and we share a knowing smile that says we're exactly on the same page.

After reading for a couple more minutes, I notice her look around the room then boldly bring her knees towards her face and slip her thong down her tan legs and shoot it over to me.  I bring the cream colored fabric to my face to inhale her scent before setting it next to me.
"I suppose we could stay" I grin.
"Good answer" she fires back.  "Now get some studying done" she mock scolds."Yes m'am" I return, watching as she curls up sideways on her left hip with the book resting on the arm of the chair.  Her hand roams over the underside of her right thigh, slowly up over her bare ass as if feeling what I'm seeing, then satisfied her tight tanline-free ass and wet pussy on display she retraces the same path before returning her hand to the side of her knee.
The sight of her eagerly offered bare ass infuses a steadily building arousal in my horny body causing my cock to swell further.  Even though the students far off to my left are engrossed in their studies, I still place my left foot on the edge of the table with my knee bent so my thigh blocks any possible view, before allowing my growing evidence of arousal to extend out of the leg of my shorts.  I attempt to read my textbook waiting for her reaction...  
The next time she looks across our little coffee table a soft moan escapes from her lips and I can feel the heated stare of my snake charmer coaxing my semi-erect exposed cock to be come fuller.
At the end of the chapter she takes a quick break and repositions herself back to a sitting position.  I glance up to find her eying my crotch as she clasps her hands behind her head and arches her back, stretching her lean tight body and causing her breasts to rise up in her semi-sheer cotton crop top that now has half of the dozen snaps unfastened. My eyes drift up from her tits and lock on to her sparkling green pools, engaging her in an intense unblinking gaze as she raises her bare right foot to the edge of the table then smoothly splays her left leg wide open driving her little skirt up to her hip bones.
Mmmmmmmmm, love the new confidence.  I think to myself.

Those green pools possess a deliciously lost look as the rush of her exhibition floods into that sexy body.  With our eyes locked in a fuzzy gaze I slouch slightly in my chair, extend my right leg alongside the table then pull back slowly but firmly on the fabric of my shorts until I can feel my entire cock and tight freshly shaven balls now fully in view.  Our gaze lingers for a few seconds, then her eyes slowly drift down my body to my most blatant exhibition yet.
"Mmmmmm, I fucking love this" she half-whispers staring apologetically at my exposure, watching as my cock steadily grows before her eyes. 
I watch as she stretches her long left leg out alongside my right leg to join me in the sensation of the warm sun streaming through the window onto her exposed, moist flesh.  I brush over her bare foot with mine and enjoy the sensation of her toes caressing my arch in return.  We relax and read, making sure to entertain each other with explicit distracting views and discreet touching, maintaining a steady stream of energy flowing throughout our bodies.  
After several minutes, my eyes meet hers and we smile through our sexual haze knowing we're both in bold playful moods and desperately wanting the group of students to leave. 

After twenty minutes of enjoyable torture, we're interrupted by some chatter and look over to find the group of students packing up. 
My temptress and I look at each other as they exit the room.  The lounge is now ours alone, at least for the moment...

I take in the sight of her for a good fifteen seconds - so close, yet still more than five feet away, but that's easily remedied, so I bend forward and push the small table between us aside then drag my heavy chair to a spot about half the distance away and retake my seat.
"The sun was in my eyes, so I thought I'd"
"Uh huh" she cuts me off now sitting up with her legs closed.
I grin, and she responds in kind.

My cock slipped inside my shorts when I was rearranging the furniture and it remains teasingly covered, yet clearly, visibly, wanting to escape.
"Good book?"  I ask, referring to the erotic novel on the arm of her chair.
"Yes, deeply erotic and well written".
"I love getting deeply lost in good erotica.  You'll have to read a steamy section to me when you come across one".
"I might be able to find a snake charming passage or two"
"Not that it's necessary"  I respond with a smile.
"Clearly" she says, returning the smile with an intense look in her eyes.

I ease back in my chair bringing my knees inches away from hers and ease my legs open drawing those mesmerizing eyes to my teasing glimpse of exposure.  She returns to her book and slowly, teasingly spreads her legs an inch per minute or so while frequently checking the state of my arousal. Each time she returns to her book, I discreetly adjust my shorts with the binding of my book giving her a better view.  Having played like this a couple of times, I'm relaxed and I'm able to slowly unveil my long, swollen, precum tipped, semi-erect cock until he's lying completely exposed on my inner thigh.  Her slow teasing exposure has the hem of her little skirt up to her hip bones and her moist glistening petals fully exposed.  She stares intently, and I grow hard in front of her.
Our eyes meet in a fuzzy hungry stare and I ease my fingers around my firm shaft - very slowly stroking.
"ohhhh gawd" she moans in a sultry tone and responds by lightly stroking her wet petals.

"I loved reading how you got off while thinking about our encounters"  I say.
Her eyes reflect a lost look as the memories come flooding back.
"I'd get so lost in those thoughts I had to touch these tingling wet petals while thinking about your hard exposed cock" she responds while lightly touching her clit.
"And me thinking about you laying on your bed playing with your pussy until you came, got me hard anytime I thought about you".
"Mmmmmmm I like that.   On my bed, yes, but a few times when running or hiking I just had to lean up against a tree and finger myself thinking about your bold exhibition" she moans softly at the sensations her slowly stroking fingers bring to her pussy.
I remove my hand and leave my naked erection standing free.  
"Like this?"  I ask.
She squirms in her chair and stares hard at my erection.
"Mmmmmmmmm yes, that's even more bold than I'd imagined".
I reach around my book and cup my balls, slowly massaging them for a minute or so before easing my fingertips up my rock hard sensitive shaft. She watches with her mouth open as I gently squeeze my cock, aiming my opening at her while forcing another drop of precum to appear, then using my thumb to coat my circumcised head with the slick liquid.   I take my time massaging it in well before releasing my shaft, allowing it to snap back to attention pointing at the ceiling.
"This is what you do to me, every fucking time Melissa"  
The look in her eyes says she's as lost as I am, both of us playing dual roles as voyeur and exhibitionist, sending our bodies into such an intense state of arousal. 
I slowly, lightly stroke my shaft for her pleasure and moan my approval as I watch her fingers roam over her glistening petals in response.  
I moan with approval as she inserts one finger inside her pussy, retrieving more slick juices and rubbing them all over her firm clit while she softly purrs with pleasure.
Our eyes again connect in this increasingly arousing fog, feeding off the intensity in each others gaze.  I watch for her eyes to drop down again to my turgid cock, but instead they linger, searching mine to find the depth of my hunger and communicate the intensity of hers while we both slowly massage our aroused genitals.
This connected stare ends after an intense thirty seconds and our eyes move downward where she finds me slowly twisting my hand on the upper two inches of my shaft, massaging it repeatedly, sending such incredibly arousing sensations into my body.  This kind of slow massage will typically make me cum in about ten minutes, but all bets are off with my temptress watching every move up close while fingering her wet snatch.  After five minutes I ease my hand off of my exceptionally sensitive shaft once again giving her an unobstructed view of my erection then set my book down on the arm of the chair to see what she's seeing - my thick, rock hard dick pointing to the ceiling.
Mmmmmmmmm the sight of her playing with her tanned outer lips and exposing her pink inner flesh while staring at my hardon has this addictive intense energy swirling throughout my body.
I moan upon seeing her ease her hand inside the half-open little shirt and tease that hard nipple with her thumb and forefinger.  I resume touching my swollen rod with long slow strokes as I watch, teasing her as she teases herself and wanting to rip that little sheer shirt off her hot body.
Her feral stare matches mine in intensity and when she slides her hand out of her shirt she lets her index finger trail down her breastbone tugging on the "v" until three more snaps pop open leaving only three snaps and her firm nipples holding the shirt closed.  My lustful stare leaves no doubt that I want to see her reveal those tits, but even with the artificial tree blocking us, her upper body is potentially visible above the chair to anyone walking in.  Although by the look on her face, I doubt she cares.
I slouch a little more in my chair, remove my hand, and look past my statuesque cock to her eyes.

She stops touching and my eyes drift down between her legs.
"God I get so wet when you look at me" she says.
"I know that feeling well".  I respond, watching her stare at my rock hard erection.
It was much easier to keep these encounters in the exhibitionist/voyeur realm when we were 5+ feet away with others around, but being alone with only inches separating our bare legs has me deeply hungry to be all over her - right here, right now.

Our conversation turns to a comfortable silence as we touch our bodies with more intent - stroking, touching and climbing together - completely lost in the rush of our bold daring exhibition.  
Within a couple of minutes she purrs in a whispered tone "Mmmmmmm, I'm soooooo sensitive" as she slowly circles her clit, stopping every few seconds to let me watch her wet pulsating lips until her sensitivity lessens allowing her to touch herself again.  She glances up into my eyes, looking so fucking aroused with her pretty green pools glazed over, her face flushed and her mouth slightly open.  I look down at my cock and slowly stroke the full length then look back to her eyes, continually stroking him while she stares and massages her tingling Sex.
Returning to the twisting motion, I find my cock extremely sensitive much like her clit, forcing me to use a light touch, teasing her with different angles and moaning with such intense desire.
A minute later, the sensation of an impending orgasm shoots into my inner thighs and I ease my hand off my cock and let him sit untouched while I take in the sight of my temptress pleasuring her body.
The exhibitionist rush, the deep sexual ache, the risk of becoming so lost in a somewhat public place, all combine to have this intense energy swirling around us rendering me barely able to think straight.

I grip the base of my erection with my left hand and form my hand like a parachute with my fingers being the ropes, and ease it down onto my shaft, then with a light touch drag my fingers upward along my bare skin creating a tingling sensation that after a minute of repeating this action leaves my cock twitching.  After 30 seconds, my sensitivity drops and I repeat this touch, then again, and again each time feeling a little higher than the last.

She squirms in her chair and our lower legs come in contact and stay touching sending even more intense electricity into my body. We both climb, slowly stroking and massaging ourselves right to the edge, then backing off.  She looks so lost, staring down at her exposed snatch, flicking her fingernail over her firm clit causing her hips to buck slightly, then pausing before doing it again.  She reaches over to the chair next to hers and steals the back cushion, dropping it behind her so she can lay back and remain more upright, then extends her right leg out placing her foot on the edge of my cushion next to my left hip.  
I release my erection, watching it twitch as I look past it to see her steadily stroking her clit.  She moans softly as I ease my hand up and down her firm calf.

Five minutes pass and one fingertip becomes two, circling with more purpose causing her body to squirm.  Her mouth drops open as her hips buck upward and she quickly pulls her fingers off her swollen pearl for a few seconds to ease her arousal level.  "Ohhhhh gawd.  Mmmmmmm yes watch me" she whispers seeing my eyes glued to her pulsating lips.   She lightly rubs her highly sensitive engorged clit causing her moist petals to pulsate even more, then leaving her juicy pulsating Sex unobstructed, she watches me scan her beautiful body, seeing the look of sexual ache and hunger on my face, before staring hard at my raging erection. 
Ten seconds pass and her fingers again circle that firm pearl eliciting an instant reaction and a sensual purr escaping from her lips as she continues her massage while finding a pace that keeps her high but doesn't take her over the edge.  I scan her eyes, her sensual lips, her full breasts, her fingers, and long spread legs, every inch of her body feeding my voyeuristic hunger and her complimentary exhibitionist desires.
Once muted moans become slightly more audible now as her casual touches turn to sensual purposeful masturbation. "Mmmmmmmmmm" she lets out in a breathy moan, pausing and moving her fingers away as her eyes dart up to watch me taking in her swollen lips, long spread legs and full breasts with her erect nipples pressing against her mostly open shirt.

Her eyes again meet mine in an intense 10 second stare that reflects both her vulnerability and intense sexual hunger before she closes those eyes as if trying to capture this experience in her mind.
I watch as her fingers ease over her mound moving slowly down between her lips to the entrance of her moist pussy then back up again - each touch of her clit causing a visible reaction in her body.  
"Mmmmmmmmmm that beautiful cock" she says in a whispered moan while resuming her steady stroking.
A flurry of strokes on her swollen clit cause her hips to buck upward pressing her mound to her wet fingers,  Her upper body lurches forward "Ohhhhhh fuck" she breathily moans, fingering faster.  "Mmmmmmmmm cum for me" I encourage.  She seems dazed by the depth of her arousal and begins fingering her clit faster, driving her body higher and higher until her back arches and her mouth drops wide open eliciting a muted cry as a wave of orgasm rocks her sexy body.  I'm so fucking turned on I can barely refrain from crawling across the table to fuck her through her orgasm.  I watch closely, enjoying the reaction on her face, the way her body moves in the chair as she slowly fingers her drenched pussy through her climax, and how she's so open to me seeing her completely exposed and surrendering to her sexual hunger.  Fifteen seconds into her orgasm she opens her eyes and stares into mine, unafraid to show the degree to which she is lost in the intensity of her climax while those fingers continue to stroke her petals, prolonging her orgasmic pleasure.  She rides her high for several minutes, moaning softly as waves of energy flow through her climaxing body, then relaxing momentarily before another wave comes - repeating this cycle through her flight.  Eventually she eases back into her chair with a deeply satisfied smile as the afterglow of her body-rocking orgasm settles in.
We sometimes do things in the heat of the moment that we soon regret, but I see none of that as she lies back with her legs spread touching herself and those eyes easing between my blue pools and my exposed dick with unspoken fantasies flowing through her mind, as in mine.  I caress her right knee and outer thigh while she continues to slowly touch, then after a minute or so she removes her fingers, closes her eyes and lays her head back, still fuzzy from her intense orgasm and looking so comfortable with her slightly swollen pussy on display.

I think about how to make her juices flow even stronger and a wicked smile comes over my face.  Remembering I still have a little bottle of lubricant in my backpack, I reach over and retrieve the bottle and quietly unscrew the top with one hand.  I wait for her to open her eyes then with her watching intently I hold the bottle above my cock and let a quarter bottle of the creamy liquid flow down onto my head and drip down my swollen shaft.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yes"  she moans out, watching as I massage the slick liquid into my shaft and head then lightly coat my shaved balls.
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm" she continues when I remove my hand leaving my slick genitals glistening in the late afternoon sun.

I resume my massage, enjoying the heightened sensitivity brought about by the lubrication.  "Feels so good" I moan.  Through her haze, those eyes are glued to my cock, right where I want them, watching me as I tease her relentlessly - stroking, twisting, caressing the stiffest erection I can remember.   
After another ten minutes of teasing cock play while she watches and lazily plays with her pussy, a slight moan escapes from my lips when feeling my body signal an aching for release.  I control and ride that pre-orgasmic sensation staying there for minute after minute while she watches intently.   I keep my arousal level just short of climax making sure she can hear every moan and breathy expression of arousal.  I feel the top of her foot glide along my lower calf driving an instant peak in my arousal causing me to stop touching as we both stare at my extremely sensitive erection before our eyes meet in another steamy, intense, lingering stare.  

She sits up and leans forward wanting a closer view as I massage my erection with one hand and occasionally caress my tight shaved balls with the other, keeping me in such an incredibly aroused state, wanting to cum for her, but enjoying the tease, hungry to extend this high.  

"Mmmmmmmmmmm, your cock looks like it's carved out of granite". 
"It feels like it too"  I respond, playing it cool but wanting her to touch me.  

The feral look in her pretty eyes arouses the hell out of me, and after a few more minutes of teasing strokes, my ache to cum is higher than I've felt all afternoon.  My mind is spinning, I can see the anticipation on her face, and feel the encouragement in her gaze, not to mention the way her fingers are touching her naked pussy between those spread legs.  I resist the temptation to quickly stroke myself to orgasm, preferring the intensity of this steadily building arousal, and loving every second she watches. 
A guttural moan escapes between my lips as I feel myself hanging right on the edge.  Her gorgeous eyes dart up to mine, burning with intensity.  "Mmmmmmmmmmm so close" she moans.  
Her stare moves back to my cock, watching me slowly stroke and twist my hand just below my swollen head for another twenty seconds until I've had about all I can take.  
I stop touching and look down at my twitching cock, knowing that even the lightest touch on my stretched skin would cause me to cum, enjoying the torture and loving her anticipation.
I let my arousal level drop slightly and try to capture this encounter in my mind while feeding off her beautiful eyes and scanning her hot tight body.
After thirty seconds I resume stroking my turgid shaft, this time purposefully - no breaks, no backing off, just steady mid-tempo stroking for both of our pleasures.  I hang just short of that point of no return, letting her know vocally just how close I am.  Our eyes meet and time stands still for several seconds until I groan out loudly as a shockingly intense orgasm rips into my body causing my head to fall back and my hips thrust upward as a load of semen races up my shaft and erupts out of my rock hard dick.
"ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gawd" I groan out as my hips buck upward as this orgasm grips my body.  Looking down I see that creamy liquid rocket out of my cock while I fly high into the clouds - body reeling, head spinning and zero presence of mind to know where I am.  
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm yes, fucking cum hard!"  she moans.
Through my haze I manage to see my beautiful voyeur is capturing it all, making my flight even more intense - her watching every stroke, the boldness of my masturbation, the body-rocking power of my explosion - all overload my senses and I find myself wanting this all to last as long as possible.
Like her, I'm fearless in letting her see it all, hiding nothing during my journey, and especially during my incredibly intense eruption.  
She's watching me slowly stroking my wet shaft, squeezing the last bits of semen out of the little opening while she lays back and absentmindedly strokes her pussy.  My ejaculation was powerful, as evidenced by the wetness I feel on my leg.  My eyes drift up from those drops to find her stroking her wet pussy feeding her desire to enjoy my climax alongside me. 
I look up to catch her gaze.  
Saying nothing, she looks down to her exposed flesh then her eyes travel down her inner thigh, pausing a quarter of the way down at a several drops of my semen sitting on her tanned skin.  Before I can say anything she reaches down and collects one of the drops on her index finger, then brings it to her mouth and licks it off. 
Our eyes meet in a deep stare.
"That looked so intense"  she says.
"Mind-blowingly intense".  I respond, still somewhat breathless.   
"I love taking my time" she adds.
"As in enjoying that ache as long as possible until just a simple touch takes you over the edge?".
"Oh god yes, those are the best.  Mmmmmmmm" she fires back.
"Add a beautiful sexy naked snake charming voyeur into the mix and the climax is epic"
She blushes, then smiles.  "Thank you.  Mmmmmmmm I love watching and being watched, something that became unlocked inside me after our first encounter".  She again glances down to my swollen spent cock then back to my face.
"As do I.  Watching you so open with your body and so at ease with cumming in front of me has my head spinning".
I look down at several drops of cum remaining on her thigh.
"I didn't mean to spray you, but that eruption was so strong"
She leans forward and puts her hand on my knee 
"I've fantasized about feeling your warm cum splash onto my naked skin.  It's exactly what I wanted to happen".
"Well then, you got your wish"  I say with a slight smile.
"I did, and so much more" she says with a slow building satisfied smile. 
She closes her eyes and becomes lost in her touch. 
"Mmmmmmm, I can't stop touching" she moans.
"And I can't stop watching" 
She slows the pace of her strokes and finally stops, then stands and stretches a little while enjoying my admiring gaze.  After thirty seconds she steps around to the side of my chair and pauses to look down at me. 
She places her hand on my shoulder and says "I'll be right back".
Even barefoot, her long legs put the slightly frayed hem of her denim mini-skirt - which she has yet to pull down - at eye level.
I instinctively ease my hand to her soft exposed inner thigh and look up into those pretty eyes.  She smiles in response.  I opt not to slide my hand up any further, instead letting the moment linger.
"Don't leave" she instructs.
"Well, I *do* have some laundry to do".  I shoot back with a smile.
"Oh really?" she responds with a look a faux hurt on her face.
I eye her sexy toned body enjoying that see through shirt with only one snap remaining fastened.
"But I suppose that can wait".  I respond.
"Are you sure?  I wouldn't want to keep you."  she fires back with a playful sarcastic tone.  
"Yeah, you're kind of fun"  I reply, looking straight into her eyes.
I let my fingertips softly drift off of her inner thigh and watch her eyes dart down to my swollen exposed slumbering penis before she refocuses on my sparkling blue pools.  Sexual tension hangs in the air for several seconds before her fingers ease off my shoulder and she slowly leaves the room, hopefully fantasizing about what I am - driving my cock up her still visible tight wet snatch.

While she's gone I take the opportunity to get through a few more pages of my textbook, but with her scent still lingering in the air and my bare foot on the edge of her cushion it's damned hard to concentrate.  Even the sensation of the warm sun on my bare legs has me distracted.

She's gone long enough for me to somewhat shed the distractions and get deeply into my studying.  A good fifteen minutes I feel a hand on my shoulder "hey, I thought you might like something to drink".  I look up and she's standing there handing me a bottle of water.
"That's very thoughtful.  Thanks".
"No problem".  
She lingers for a few seconds while I take a sip of water and put the bottle down on the table next to me and she sets hers on the arm of her chair. 
I look up into her eyes.  
"So how's that boyfriend of yours?"
"History as of a couple of weeks ago" she fires back immediately
"Sorry to hear that"
"You could have said that with a *little* more sincerity" she fires back with a hint of sarcasm.
"And you could be dressed like you're in mourning".
"You're right, I should go change"  she plays along.
As she turns towards her chair I grab her hand.
Our eyes meet and hold each other's gaze for several seconds. 
I gently pull her closer, guiding her down to my lap  Her little skirt yields easily, sliding back up to her hip bones as she spreads her legs to straddle my long thighs.  Her knees settle into my chair cushion as does her bare ass on my legs just above my knees.
"So what happened?" I ask, referring to her breakup and instantly wondering to myself why I'd go down this road.
"You did". 
"Me?  We barely know each other".
"Not you directly, but whatever this is that you and I have discovered has tapped into something deep inside me that I barely knew existed"
"Barely?"  I inquire.
"Well, he likes" she pauses "liked, me to dress conservatively, but I've always enjoyed dressing minimally and showing off my body, exposing plenty of skin. Sexy, not trashy".
I listen silently.
"And then that came day where just by chance I happened to sit across from you in these chairs, feeling horny and finding myself fantasizing about seeing this great looking guy's cock, *your* cock.  You not only satisfied my curiosity, which I loved seeing, but fuck, when you got hard it triggered a reaction inside me that I couldn't even process - bold, hot, playful - then to watch you cum right there in front of me, sent my mind and body reeling".
I move my hands to the tops of her thighs and continue to listen with my eyes locked onto hers, not saying a word.
"That scene played in my head relentlessly for days afterwards, at first because of the arousing visual, but later because thoughts of reciprocating with an exhibition of my own made me surprisingly, instantly, wet. When we met a second time and I saw you recognize me, this rush flooded my body and I had to give you at least a glimpse.  That glimpse that sent a nervous shot of adrenaline into my body and when I saw my display turn you hard, the floodgates opened wide and I knew I had discovered an inexplicably arousing aspect of my sexuality that I had to explore.   I had masturbated so many times thinking of your exhibition, but never dreamed I could actually bring myself to masturbate in front of you, in a room full of people!"
"But mmmmmmm, you sure did and I stroked my cock countless times afterwards while reliving your response in my mind". 
"Mmmmmm I love knowing that.   As nervous as I was, I knew it wasn't a fluke.  I enjoyed the hell out of it and knew I'd do it again in a heartbeat".
"I take it he's not or was not on the same page in this area". 
"Not in the slightest".
Despite the subject matter, having her on my lap has me aroused and my cock growing firm in my shorts.
"It's rough when a relationship ends, but you are young and extremely attractive and should not deny yourself something that seems to be such a part of you because another person won't embrace it".
"I agree.  I just ached to be free, bold, playful, and take risks".
"I can see that in your face, demeanor and body language.  I like the change".
"As do I, and thank you for the compliment".
"Add gracious to the list".  I smile.

She stares into my eyes then looks downward at my finger curled around the one still fastened snap on her semi-sheer little crop top.  The lack of any protest prompts me to raise my thumb up and release that last snap allowing her shirt to open and the placket to cling to her erect nipples.
"Oops" she says with playful smile.
"You realize we could get in some serious trouble together" I continue.
"Oh yeah.  I'm counting on it" she fires back.
"That's kind of presumptuous, isn't it?" I counter with a slight grin
"Maybe, but I'm half naked on your lap after we just masturbated together in a somewhat public place, so I'm going to go with 'no'  ".
"Ah, going with the evidence-is-on-my-side defense".
"Yep, and I have another piece of hard evidence I can admit, if needed".

She sits straight up arching her shoulders backwards, freeing her breasts from the tentative grasp of the placket of her little shirt.
"Mmmmmmmmmm, nice rack"  I comment, staring at her bronzed, tanline-free natural c-cups.
"Thanks, I really like how they turned out" she replies.

"Turned out?  They look 100% natural".
I cup them in my hands, lightly massaging her warm supple breasts.
"Uh, excuse me?  I just meant that they were on the small side until they filled out later in high school".
"Oh, well I had to be sure"  I grin.
"Uh huh".  she grins back.
"I love being naked" she purrs, obviously feeling the glow of her increased exposure. "I stripped my clothes off often this summer while in secluded areas around the lake, loving the sun on my body and the warm water on my naked skin".
"And you were never spotted?"
"Not that I know of".
"I love being naked outside as well" I fire back, pausing for a moment before pulling my shirt up over my head then tossing it onto my backpack.
"Mmmmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmmmm nice chisel!" she responds, staring at my well defined chest, shoulders, arms and abs.
"Thanks"  I respond, enjoying how she's surveying my 3/4 naked body.

"Ever fantasize about the trouble we could get into if we took our play out into more public places?"  I ask.
"I have" she shoots back.  "Hot summer days, wearing as little as possible out in public, teasing you and making your dick hard like you know I love to do".
"Exactly.  Teasing each other right to the edge of control".
She responds by flashing a lost look as she peers down at my erection pressing hard against the fabric of my shorts just six inches from her exposed pussy. 
"Exactly" she finally says.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm" she moans as she frees my cock to squeeze and stroke him while continuing our conversation.  My fingers move to her wet petals, eliciting a soft purr from her soft lips.
"See, I told you I had hard evidence" she says
"Irrefutable evidence" I respond, then suggest "No panties at a nice restaurant?"
"No panties, ever, and plenty of skirts this length".  She responds, looking down at the hem of her mini-skirt up to her hip bones.
"A naked drive down the coast to a nude beach?"  I suggest.
"I've never been, but god I'd love to be nude at the beach.  And naked in the car? Absolutely" she responds. 
"Sex in front of an open window in a hotel room?"  she suggests.
"Oh hell yes.  Can you imagine how we'd get off on that?"
Our eyes meet in a deep stare knowing that last one made a leap from exhibitionism to a sexual encounter - not that it's a big leap given the level of intimacy and state of our near naked bodies at the moment.
I raise my hips up slightly and she slides my shorts down my thighs and out of the way.
Our eyes meet in yet another intense stare, our breathing slightly elevated.
A moan of arousal escapes from my lips as I feel her more firm grip on my shaft.  I continue to lightly stroke her very wet supple petals then move to her firm clit.  
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she whispers in a soft sexy tone.
I stare into her eyes, mesmerized by how well they express her increasing level of arousal, only closing mine temporarily when her twisting stroking grip on my cock sends a strong wave of pleasure into my body.
My steady light strokes over her firm clit have her mouth slightly open.
Eyes locked, she guides the head of my cock to her wet petals, massaging them with him for a few seconds before easing down smoothly onto my shaft, consuming every inch in a single smooth motion.
She places her hands on my bare chest and I slide mine under her skirt to grip her ass cheeks, guiding her as she begins to slowly ride me.
"Sex in front of an open window huh?  Pretty kinky"  I say, continuing the conversation.
"Mmmmmmm, yes.  Anonymous strangers watching from another room getting off on these fit attractive bodies of ours going at it"
"An entire vignette played out - pre-dinner drinks in our robes on the balcony, getting dressed for dinner with the curtains open, heading out for a horny evening while our voyeurs - maybe a horny pair like us - wait patiently for our return"  I add.
"Mmmmmmmmmmmm, yes, a very horny dinner filled with as much touching and suggestive talk as we can get away with"
I hold her hips still and drive my cock slowly, deeply, repeatedly up her tight snatch.  Her fingernails dig into my pecs in response.
"Exactly.    We get back to the room - lingerie, kissing, dancing, slowly stripping your amazing body naked, and you mine, then fucking like porn stars for hours with the lights on".
"Oh yeah.  All fucking night long" she responds, grinding her lean, fit body faster on my dick and climbing higher as the backs of my fingers now stroke her swollen clit.
The speed and intensity of her movements without even breathing hard leave no doubt this girl could go all night long.
I raise my mouth to her gently bouncing tits, licking and sucking on each nipple, eliciting deeply arousing moans.
"I swear I could cum from just having my nipples licked" she moans into my ear.
"Good to know"  I fire back - my mind spinning with thoughts about when and where we might test her thoughts of a nipple licking induced orgasm.
After several minutes, our casual fuck-while-we-talk turns more purposeful, me rubbing her clit with intention and her riding my stone hard cock with a slightly increased pace.
Our eyes lock in a feral stare, her hands on my chest, one of mine on her ass and the other between her legs.  The power in her sexy body drives me wild, and those eyes of hers - closer and more beautiful than ever before - take me to another plane.  She leans forward, closer, raising her hips up to fuck the upper third of my dick in a series of rapid strokes, before drawing a deep moan out of me when she sinks fully back down to my tight balls.  I pull her hips back up and respond in kind, rapid fire fucking her glove-tight pussy.
"Mmmmmmmmm, yes, fuck me" she moans in my ear.
Our feral stare ignites a deep passionate shared explosion prompting us to grind hard - fucking with every ounce of energy, not giving a shit about where we are, but at the same time incredibly turned on by the risk.  Our bodies hang just short of climax, begging for a harder, faster fuck, and we oblige, sprinting towards the finish line - bodies rocking, grinding, fucking intensely on the edge of our physical abilities.
I study her face - an open book, expressing every sensation as she approaches the point of no return.  Her mouth drops open, I finger her clit faster, she hangs erotically on the edge, panting, pleading for release just before her eyes close and she groans out in a back arching climax, cumming hard with strong body spasms and stuttering moans reflecting an overwhelmingly powerful orgasm.  I finger her high into the clouds, then grasp her ass cheeks with both hands and drive hard and fast up her pussy - groaning, aching, grinding, climbing until I groan out in an explosive response, prompting her eyelids to fly open and watch me while my head falls back and my hips buck as my seed rockets up my shaft splashing against her tight walls, in a mind-numbingly intensity climax.
We fly high for a good minute, the visual of her riding me sitting straight up, basking in the afterglow of her orgasm, tits proudly on display, eyes boring into mine, keeps me hard and wanting to go again.
My thumbs caress her erect nipples eliciting a sexy purr as her hips continue to move sensually on me, massaging my dick, steadily slowing until her dance comes to a near halt.  I pull her down by her shoulders for a soft kiss - one that starts easy but steadily turns deep with our tongues lightly dancing for a full minute.
Our kiss eventually breaks.

"Mmmmmmmm" she purrs.  "I was hoping to see your beautiful cock in action when I came over today, but fucking in this chair where it all started was at best a distant fantasy".  She says softly, in between lingering kisses.
"Fantasies sometimes come true, and I think we should work on making that happen more often".
"Mmmmmmmm sounds like a great plan.  Although I just got out of a relationship and...".
I cut her off "there are different types of relationships.  Certainly ours has gotten off to an atypical start.  Let's play when we feel like it, and see where this goes".
She looks at me, acknowledging our undeniable connection - something she surely can see in my eyes.  We just created a moment that neither one of us is likely to ever forget, and I wonder if my suggestion might sound a little shallow.
"Ok" she says looking straight into my eyes.
She sees my wheels turning.
"What?" she asks.
"Just a random thought".
"Spill it".
"You and me at a bar with a great band with our respective dates, discreetly flirting all night long, brushing up against each other whenever possible, you giving me glimpses of these nice tits".  
I massage her breasts while continuing.
"Things get so heated we momentarily ditch our dates and engage in a heated fuck in the alley, before returning to the bar".
"That would be pretty disrespectful" she responds with an unmistakable gleam in her eyes.
"Yes, you're right.  What was I thinking, fucking you in an alley".
"Exactly, at least take me to the back seat of your car".  She smacks my bare chest in faux admonishment, then grins.
"Yeah, you're definitely going to be trouble".
"Yep" she beams proudly.

An announcement comes over the speaker system that the lounge is closing in ten minutes and she reluctantly slides off my lap.  
"Shit, I almost forgot where we were"  I say.
"I know!"
I pull my shorts back up then grab my t-shirt and she immediately makes a throat clearing sound.  I smile and toss the shirt into my backpack, then watch as she bends forward to put her wedge sandals back on those pretty feet.  I'm ready to reprimand her for refastening the snaps on her tight little sheer shirt, but perhaps knowing my response would be similar to hers with my shirt, she simply leaves her top unfastened with her full breasts mostly exposed.
"Walk you to your car?"  I offer
"Do you promise to behave?"  she fires back.
"No".  I say with a grin.
"Ok, just checking" she smiles.
I grab a towel and clean up the evidence then toss my book and flip flops into my backpack then stand and stretch, showing off my lean, well defined upper body.  She takes her time ogling my body before standing just inches from me.  I lean back and retrieve the thong she shot my way when she first sat down and offer it to her.  
"Keep it" she says.
"I might do nasty things with it".
"I hope so" she responds quickly.
I brush my hand along the side of her face, pausing to drink from her gorgeous eyes before placing my free hand on the small of her bare lower back and pulling her close to kiss her softly, both of us tasting each other's mouths as our bare chests touch.
Our kiss breaks when a second announcement rudely interrupts us.
"We still have five minutes"  I say.
"Yeah, like you're ready to go again so soon... oh, mmmmmmm I guess you are" she says, gripping my cock through the fabric of my shorts and feeling it harden in her hand.
"Snake charmer"  I say with a smile, then step to the side to grab her book bag and hand it to her before retrieving my backpack.
We walk slowly out of the room and down the long hall leading to the mostly empty campus grounds and eventually to the parking lot - our conversation transitioning easily to mundane chit-chat.  She pulls her little shirt closed when we occasionally pass others, letting it spring back open as soon as they're out of view, sometimes playfully a few seconds before if they're not looking. 
When we arrive at her car - a shiny newish German convertible - she makes no attempt to get in, instead just stands there with her ass against the car.
Our discussion turns back to the fun we had in the lounge, replaying our actions and desires in graphically explicit terms and kissing every few minutes.  The late afternoon ocean breezes keep her shirt completely open with her bronzed tits and firm nipples just inches from mine in the warm afternoon sun.
I move even closer and we kiss again, both of us moaning softly as she moves her thigh in between my legs to press against my erection.
When our kiss breaks she slides the waistband of my shorts down a few inches exposing my firm cock.
"Does that nude beach have a place we can fuck?" she asks boldly.
"We absolutely can find a private spot, or not so private.  One of my favorites is to wade out into the water waist deep".
She lets out a giggle as I grab her ass and pull her up my body.
"And?" she asks.
"And you wrap your legs around my waist"
She promptly plays along by wrapping her arms around my neck and hugging my waist with her long legs.
"Ok". she says.
"Then I drive my hard cock deep up your tight juicy pussy and fuck you, like this" followed by my easing my swollen dick between her moist petals deep up her wet box.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, perfect" she responds looking into my eyes with that sexy gleam in hers.
"Trouble with a capital TROUBLE"  I say.
"Yep, are you sure you can handle it?"  she fires back.
"Oh yeah" I respond.
"Hey, I need to run, but today was amazing.  Beyond amazing".
I ease my cock back then begin very slow penetrations - five seconds in, five seconds out.
"Amazing, and something that begs for further exploration".
"Completely.  Mmmmmmmmmm this feels soooooooo good".
"I know you need to run"  I say, slowly pulling out of her, enjoying her lingering stare at my slick wet cock once her feet are back on the ground.
She pulls out her phone and sends a quick message.  
"I just sent you my phone number" she says, then gives me a soft kiss on the cheek.  I open her door and she slips in to the convertible - skirt very high on her thighs, her breasts partially on display, but it's those eyes and the intelligence and wit behind them that draw me so strongly to her.
She dons her stylish sunglasses then starts the car.
Looking down at my exposed cock she suggests "You might want to put him away after I leave.  I don't want to have to bail you out of jail".
"I suppose".  I respond with a slow building smile.
"Oh, and sorry about the claw marks on your chest".
"Don't be.  I have an incredible story that goes with them".
She backs out of the parking spot and as I walk to my car watching hers disappear, my mind is reeling with thoughts of our next encounter.  
Oh how things can change in just a few hours.....

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