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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Distracted Studies (adult content)

This post was inspired by a message board thread entitled "What's the most erotic thing you've done in public?".  Although not THE most erotic, it was my first experience with a sexual act in public - unconventional to be sure, but an exciting memory.
Sitting in the corner of college study lounge in a cluster of two facing overstuffed chairs with a small low lying table between them, I dug in for a heavy study session.  The weather was very warm and since I didn't have any classes to attend I just threw on on a pair of running shorts and a t-shirt before heading over for some distraction free studying.
After an unknown duration of getting through some intense material, I looked up and noticed a student settling into the seat across from me, about five feet away - an attractive woman with dark hair and beautiful green eyes wearing short shorts and a tank top.  We shared a quick smile and I went back to my textbook.

A few pages later, I looked up and saw her settled in with a textbook in her lap, her tanned legs and bare feet extended to the side of the table.   Those pretty green eyes of hers seemed to be darting back and forth between the pages of her book and the binding of my book as it sat in my lap.  I thought nothing of it and continued to read.

After another chapter I put the book on the arm of the chair, leaned back and extended my arms upwards to stretch before turning to the next chapter.  It was then I realized that it wasn't my book she was looking at, she was discreetly sneaking peeks up the leg of my running shorts.  Although I was naked underneath that thin material, there wasn't much of an opening for her to see anything, but apparently it was enough to pique her interest.

"This could be fun" I thought to myself.

While placing the book back in my lap I slouched in the chair and subtly adjusted my position allowing the leg of my shorts to open a little more giving her just a slightly better view.   I had to move on with my studying but looked up from my book every few minutes to see her reaction.  She was reading the first few times I checked, but eventually I found her again peering over the top of her book - a sight that caused a mild arousal to flow through my body.  As soon as she returned to her reading I stirred in my chair to again improve her view.  Although I didn't have her vantage point, I could feel the head of my slightly swollen cock was now clearly visible to those pretty eyes.  I was slightly nervous, but the idea of playing like this felt exciting.

As time passed, the more she looked, the more access I gave her, in small increments through subtle adjustments of my shorts with the bottom of my book binding while pretending to be focused on my studying.
Her quick looks turned to more extended views.  What was once a 2 second glance was now a 10 or more second stare before her eyes moved back to her book.  I could feel my arousal level growing stronger with each passing moment.
A strong rush filled my body when I looked up and saw those gorgeous eyes taking in what I could feel was my now fully visible semi-erect member as it rested on my inner thigh pointing towards my left hip, just barely inside my shorts.  She watched intently as my cock grew longer and thicker, her eyes feeding my hunger as she took in the sight of my erection straining upward against the thin fabric.   She returned to her reading but by the look on her face she wasn't getting any more studying done than I was...

It felt amazingly freeing to be casually on display to such a willing audience and I was falling deeper into a horny fog with each passing minute.  I teased her by using the bottom of my book binding resting on the fabric at the base of my cock to vary her view each time she looked.  Her eyes darted up more frequently now, obviously enjoying the tease.
I began short, almost imperceptible circular motions of my book binding at the base of my cock which caused my swollen head to press harder against the tentative grip of the hem of my shorts.  The next time I looked up, I saw her eyes glued to my exhibition causing an even stronger rush to hit me. My erection grew fuller forcing the head to slip out into the open air.  I wondered briefly as I floated in an ever increasing fog of arousal if I had crossed the line, but the intense focus of her gaze told me clearly that was not the case.

At this point - a good 20 minutes into our dance - all pretense of studying on her part was now gone.  Her subtle glances had given way to an obvious continuous stare which drove an unexpectedly intense hunger inside me.  Now that my head had broken the invisible barrier at the bottom of my shorts, I had little control over what she saw.  Nervous and thrilling at the same time, more than half of my fully erect length was now out in the open and I drifted into a daydream where she knelt in front of me and stroked, licked and sucked my throbbing cock until I came, or even more boldly mounted me right there in the chair and fucked us both to climax.  My thoughts became increasingly erotic, feeding off the intensity in her beautiful eyes while enjoying the sensation of the warm sun streaming through the window onto the bare flesh of my naked erection.  I continued to slowly, subtly, massage the lower inch of my shaft with the bottom of my book binding, raising my arousal level and revealing more skin to my voyeur, 1/16th of an inch at a time...

Over the next few minutes, those eyes coaxed all but the lower inch at the base of my hungry precum-tipped cock out into the open. The pressure of the book kept my erection pointing towards my left hip at a 45 degree angle keeping my display to an audience of one.  The expression on her face morphed from curiosity to a lost look of desire that turned me rock hard.  The subtle book binding massage at the base of my shaft continued, adding to the flow of energy coursing through my horny body.
Seeing beyond a doubt how much she was into this, I relaxed and tried to read a little while intensifying the slow massage of my fully exposed erection.
I managed to get through the next page, then again looked up to find her eyes staring hungrily at my naked erection.  A familiar deep throbbing began to fill my body catching me somewhat by surprise.  I backed off my massage a bit controlling and enjoying the heightened sensations, then with her eyes glued to me I simply let my body take over...

I managed to heavily mute my groan as a strong orgasm ripped through my body sending ribbons of creamy liquid racing up my twitching shaft erupting out onto my thigh.  Flying high, I glanced at her face through my mental fog watching as she continued to stare at my glistening exposed turgid cock as I rode the high of my orgasm.  I was beyond lost...

Time stood still for a good 30 seconds as I lay back fuzzy-headed and relaxed in the chair still lightly moving the book binding, coaxing the last few drops of semen onto my thigh. She looked up making eye contact with me for an intense 5 seconds, eased her eyes down to my display, then returned to her reading - or more accurately pretended to - as I saw her frequently check out my slowly subsiding erection.  I closed my eyes briefly attempting to capture all that had just happened, feeling deeply pleased that I explored this unique opportunity to it's fullest.  When I opened my eyes I found her packing up to head to class.  She stood, stretched and caught one final look at my semi-erect spent cock resting against my wet inner thigh before leaving.  I thought about catching up with her, but I was in no condition to do so, and I was satisfied to leave it as a spontaneous moment in time that we'll both remember....

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Library Adventure (adult content)

I stroll into the library on a sunny Southern California afternoon looking for a quiet place to catch up on some reading.  Upon entering my favorite room - a large, open area, with it’s 20 foot high glass walls overlooking a lush wooded park below - I see a half dozen people scattered throughout, silently reading, the sound of their turning pages masked by the gentle sound of the fountain in the center of the room. Scanning the quarter-football field sized space; I search for a quiet place to sit, finding one in a small cluster of six upholstered chairs in the corner of the room nearest the park. I walk across the room and ease down into the middle chair of the three backed up against a glass wall, kick off my flip-flops and stretch my long tanned legs out onto the chair-seat-height table in front of me. Gazing out the wall of glass on my left to the park below me I smile as I witness a dog make a near-impossible Frisbee catch from a toss made by a ten-year-old boy with his Dad looking on.  Boyhood memories of playing in that very same park when I was his age come rushing into my mind.

My gaze moves back to the sun filled room - looking around, enjoying the relaxing environment, appreciating how this room looks more like an extension of the park than a library reading room. As my eyes move back to my immediate area, I notice a canvas bag sitting next to the upholstered chair directly across from me, and wonder if the owner left it behind or if they're simply away for a few minutes. I'll find out soon enough, but for now, I have this quiet corner all to myself.  I grab my book, slouch slightly in the low sitting comfortable cushioned chair, and begin to get lost in a tale of life in the Caribbean - a fix I sometimes need between my yearly trips down to the islands.

As the author describes the location, my mind drifts off to a white sand beach with turquoise water lapping at the shore and palm trees as far as the eye can see. This vision of gazing up the beach for the longest time, looking at nothing in particular, just taking it all in, lingers in my mind.  Lost in this daydream, a sexy looking woman in a short white t-shirt dress strolls by me on the beach where we exchange passing smiles, smiles that seem so real.  As I’m fading comfortably into my daydream, the sound of a book falling to the tile floor across the room causes me to snap out of my reverie, and in doing so I realize my daydream and reality have somewhat collided.  The owner of the canvas bag on the chair across from me has returned and I find she bares a definite resemblance to the woman I saw on the beach even down to the white form-fitting t-shirt dress.  I smile to myself and return to reading my book, still a little fuzzy from the intoxicating sensation of feeling myself on that beach.

After a short while, I again feel distracted and my eyes drift up from the pages of my book to find the woman across from me relaxed in her chair, focused on her book, her pretty face framed by shoulder blade length brunette hair flowing over her bare shoulders.  I smile again thinking "what are the odds?" 
Returning to my book I soon find myself riding along in a jeep as the main characters cruise out of a jungle-lined stretch of winding road into a small Jamaican village. They stop briefly for supplies, then head down the main road out of town, where again this woman in a white t-shirt dress appears, this time along the side of the road.
I've obviously drifted from the written word into another daydream, which I'm more than happy to explore, but what is it about this woman that keeps creeping into my thoughts?  I discreetly look over at her and find her still immersed in her book. She really is pretty; her summer tan drenched in the glow of the afternoon sun streaming through the windows providing a nice contrast to her white dress, the top of which is showing off a fair amount of cleavage.  I absentmindedly scan her bare right leg from the arch of her foot resting on the edge of the three foot square table between us, up her well shaped calf to her bent knee, then downward along her long inner thigh until it joins the other just below the hem of her short dress. Lost in a hazy afternoon glow, I make the return trip with my eyes along the same route, enjoying the beauty of her legs, then casually glance back up at her face where my eyes unexpectedly meet hers. "Busted" I think to myself as she crosses her legs and continues reading.

Peeking briefly over the top of my book at her face, I see the corners of her mouth turn up yielding an ever so slight grin that lingers on her lips for several seconds. I smile to myself in return, then go back to attempting to read my book, which up to this point, between the daydreaming and this distractingly attractive woman, has proven relatively fruitless.

Ten pages later the jeep turns off the road and heads down a short path to the beach - a beautiful deserted white sand beach with the ubiquitous turquoise Caribbean water lapping at the shore. The couple in the jeep is on a mission, but all I see is this same girl strolling the beach, her white dress gone, leaving her in only a small white sexy bikini bottom. 
Horny and distracted, I attempt to continue reading, but find my powers of concentration seriously lacking. Something about this woman is really drawing me to her and I have no clue as to what it is.
After managing a few more pages, I again look up from my book to find her still concentrating on her reading. I discreetly study her face, scan down her mostly bare shoulders, take in the sight of her breasts sitting half-exposed in the top of her dress, her nipples very visible as they press firmly into the soft thin cotton fabric. Crossing her legs has only exposed more skin, causing her tight short dress to slide up to the edge of her ass, revealing the full length of her long tanned left thigh. She turns the page, and as her eyes move to the first line, a gentle smile comes over her face, seemingly acknowledging my "discreet" surveying of her sexy body.

My mind drifts off, once again, lost in thoughts of a Jamaican paradise as I manage to turn the pages for an entire chapter - a chapter I'll surely need to re-read under less distracting circumstances. She again catches my attention when she leans over the arm of her chair to get something from her canvas bag laying on the floor. Her dress rides dangerously high as she rocks over onto one hip, legs still crossed, reaching deep for whatever she's looking for. I can't help but watch as the hem slides up until it catches on her hipbone, and grasps the bottom of her firm ass. She returns from her fishing expedition with another book and relaxes back into her chair, book in her lap and instantly focused on her reading. As my eyes drift to the top of the page, I fully expect to see her tug at the hem of her dress, but she doesn't, instead opting to leave it sitting just below her hips, showing off every inch of her long, tanned legs. I can't seem to keep my eyes off her for more than a few minutes at a time, and if she minds, she certainly isn't showing it. In fact, she seems to be enjoying the attention. Besides, it's SHE who keeps showing up in MY book. :)

I manage to focus for another quick chapter before once again becoming distracted - something she seems to be able to do by simply taking a breath at this point.  Slightly slouched in the chair, studying a photography textbook, her legs are now uncrossed, with her left leg swung out slightly, exposing a glimpse of her white panties. "Mmmmmmmmm, nice" I say to myself feeling a slight sensation of arousal fill my body as I gaze along her smooth inner thighs up to that sliver of visible white material. I stay lost in this vision, while drifting into a half-daydream of her topless on that beach until I'm snapped out of it when she raises her bare right foot up to the 18 inch high table between us, her arch coming to rest on its smooth edge. My eyes once again drift from her right knee down her long thigh to where it meets with her left, her panties now just barely out of sight. "A cat and mouse game, huh?" I think to myself, smiling and content to play whatever game she wants - if in fact she's playing one.

I return to my novel, wondering where she'll pop up next, and within minutes, she does just that.  In my minds eye I see her rise up out of the ocean and slowly make her way through the water back to the beach after a swim. I watch as her body gradually appears under the warm Jamaican sun - that same gentle smile on her face, her drenched hair dripping water down her near naked body, her naked breasts bouncing lightly with each step, her wet bikini bottom nearly transparent, and those long legs... Legs I now find stretched out on the table less than a foot away from mine as I drift from my reverie back into reality. Without even knowing it, this woman has me wonderfully distracted and horny, but then again, how could she NOT know at least part of it, she's been showing off those legs ever since she noticed my interest.

She continues to study with the bottom of her textbook binding resting on her lower abdomen, seemingly oblivious to the fact that a small white triangle of her panties is exposed to me just under the hem of her dress, now sitting high across her thighs. I feel like a horny teenager peering up this woman's dress, but something tells me I have her consent, and at the moment I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing than enjoying the energy this woman has somehow injected into my mind and body. 

The white of her panties provides a movie screen as my mind once again drifts off to watching her stroll near naked on that Jamaican beach. Half in a fantasy world, half in reality I feel her eyes watching mine as they watch her, now scanning her legs, feeding my growing hunger. She slowly lets her left knee drift to the side, then uncrosses her ankles and slides her foot along the surface of the table before easing it down to the floor. I watch intently as she returns her right foot to the edge of the table, exposing more of what I now discover is a small thong. I flash a smile, enjoying the sight, enjoying the arousal flowing through my body, enjoying how she's gotten into my head.  I drink up more of it - her long toned legs, her slender fingers wrapped around the edges of the book, nicely manicured nails, her beautiful face, those full c-cups nicely filling the top of her dress, her firm nipples just an inch or so below the neckline, so visible through that thin material....  Mmmmmmmmmmmmm I gaze down between her legs, now nicely spread, to get an eyeful of the small white silk thong she’s put on display.  She's driving me crazy, and the ever so slightly impish grin on her face tells me she's enjoying it.

Hungry, aroused, lost in this encounter, my cock throbbing in my shorts... my damned phone starts ringing. "Crap" I half-whisper, seeing it's a call from work. I quietly answer as I glance over to her with an apologetic look for the interruption to her studying and she looks up just in time to catch it. "I'll call you right back" I tell the Production Operator, then lay my book open on the arm of the chair and stand up. As I slip my feet into my flip flops, my eyes again drift to her face, this time finding her focus not on her book but on the outline of my semi-erect cock pressing against my lightweight cotton workout shorts. I pause to let her enjoy her handiwork, then smile in response to that impish grin on her face before turning to leave.  Once outside the building, I call work, and fortunately it's something I can walk them through over the phone. Ten minutes later, the problem is fixed and I head back into the library thinking how glad I am I don't have to go into work, especially given the fun circumstances here in the library.

Quickly heading back to the large room, I can't wait to settle back into my chair across from this sexy tease of a woman. My spirit fades quickly though, as I enter the room and see her chair empty. Approaching the small cluster of chairs, I see her canvas bag gone as well. "This sucks!" I think to myself, searching my chair in vein for a business card, or slip of paper with some contact information she might have left.  Still able to smell a hint of her perfume lingering in the air, I ease down into my chair. Maybe she's still in the library, maybe still in the parking lot, maybe I can find her. Yeah right, and maybe she'll think I'm a stalker and call security! I chuckle to myself at my thoughts.

Disappointed, I relax back in my chair, and enjoy the warm mid-afternoon sun filtering through the trees into the room. I start to read, and instinctively glance across the table as I had so many times in the past hour or so. In my mind, I can still see her there, teasing me with those long legs. "Wait a minute", I think to myself as I notice a book on the cushion, HER book.

I look across the room hoping to see her, but find only a quiet room with a handful of people reading in the distance. Returning to my book, I find I can actually concentrate, at least for a few pages, until the couple in the book again ends up on the beach where I find my temptress laying on her back, drifting naked on a float a few feet offshore...  

A minute later, out of the corner of my eye I see someone approach. Looking up quickly from my book, I recognize it's her, and instantly feel an easy arousal start to flow through my body as I watch her approach in that casual form fitting mini-dress. She lowers her canvas bag to the floor next to her chair, then turns facing my direction staring out the glass wall behind me to the wooded park. The late afternoon sun bathes her body providing even greater contrast between her thin white t-shirt dress and the tanned body it barely half covers. Being a photography student, I'm sure she's fully aware of the subtle and not-so-subtle aspects of the picture I'm seeing - the way the filtered afternoon sunlight makes her skin glow, the way her deep brown hair shimmers, the way it makes the lightweight fabric of her dress look even more sheer, the way the muscles in her well-toned legs are accented....
"Damn, that dress fits her well", I think to myself as my eyes scan down from her face to her bare upper chest framed by two thin spaghetti straps, then take in her full breasts, enjoying how the top of her dress scoops down to expose their upper halves, and how her firm brown nipples press noticeably against the thin fabric. I continue surveying her body, following the sexy inward curve of her waist until it changes course leading to her to her hips, then tracing only 6 inches below her slightly protruding pelvic bones to the point where the dress ends and those long toned legs begin. I make the return trip up her body, at the end of which I find her eyes looking down into mine. "Hi" I say. She smiles, maintaining eye contact, but says nothing, opting to let her pretty brown eyes and smile convey her pleasure at my appreciation of her body.
Shy? I think to myself. On the other hand, maybe she simply enjoys anonymity.

She turns to pick her book up off the seat cushion, then eases down into her chair to resume studying.  I watch as she reaches down to unbuckle the small buckles on her wedge shoes setting her feet free, then skillfully crosses her sexy legs keeping that thong out of view as she returns her book to her lap.  So we're back to crossed legs?  I think to myself, smiling as I once again enjoy the view of her legs in that short dress. 
After finishing a short chapter of my book, I find her focused on her reading as usual, and showing plenty of leg as that dress rides up and clings to her ass cheeks. After a minute or so, I feel her eyes once again discreetly watching mine so I let my focus float up to her breasts. The state of her nipples gives away her arousal - hard and so visible through that thin fabric. My minds eye flashes to her topless on that beach, and almost as if she can sense my thoughts, she squirms in her chair causing the spaghetti strap on her left shoulder to fall down her upper arm. I look up to her eyes and see her looking down at her chest, seeing her left breast now more exposed, the top edge of the dress clinging precariously to her hard nipple, seemingly being all that's keeping that material from falling further. She stares at her firm, mostly exposed breast with such a lost, aroused look in her eyes and I can't help but join her, enjoying the view, enjoying her arousal, enjoying mine, all evidenced by the swelling cock inside my shorts.

Reading has become almost an impossibility at this point, as I'm way too distracted and horny to concentrate.

I watch as her eyes move along my outstretched legs resting on the table, then see them stop at my obvious erection. I look down to see what she's seeing, and find my cock pressing firmly against the very thin light-grey material of my mid-thigh length workout shorts. That cotton jersey material is almost as thin as her dress, exposing the state of my dick like that dress exposes the state of her erect nipples. My eyes return to her face, watching her pretty brown eyes riveted on the cylindrical bulge in my shorts. Thirty seconds pass, then her eyes drift up to mine showing such intensity as another impish grin comes over her lips.  I smile back, matching her grin while wondering what's going through this sexy exhibitionists' mind.  A few seconds later, hungry to see her body again and hungry to feed her desire to be watched, I let my eyes slowly fall down her body, hoping that naughty smile meant those now uncrossed legs would be spread enough to let me see that thong again.   As my eyes briefly pause at her half-exposed breasts, she slowly slouches a few inches down in her chair and eases her right leg out along the right edge of the tabletop - her bare foot now even with the hem of my shorts maybe 18 inches away from my left leg.  I feel my cock stiffen further as I watch her left foot move up to the edge of the table, almost touching her right thigh, exposing a good portion of her nice ass cheek, yet still teasingly blocking my view of that thong.  
I glance up to her face and find she's gone back to reading her book, something she knows damned well I'm going to have trouble doing, but what the hell, she doesn't appear to be going anywhere, so I dive back into my beach story...
The couple in the book has found a secluded cove where they strip each other naked then wander out waist deep in the clear water to engage in some serious touching and kissing.  I begin to get lost in their foreplay when she appears again, drawing my attention.  Finished with her relaxing float, she walks naked out of the water, dragging her little inflatable raft behind her.  Moving away from the shoreline several paces, she sets her raft down, takes a long slow gaze out over the sea, then lays down on the raft on her back, arms at her sides, legs nicely spread, feeling the warm breezes caress her unclothed body.  

I'm not sure how long I was lost in this fantasy, but when I look up over my book, I find her still studying.  As I look at her face, my mind drifts off again, seeing her nude on that raft, on her side this time, watching that couple having sex on the sand at the waters edge.  "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm" I moan involuntarily as my eyes shift down to her very exposed legs and find them slightly open as she relaxes in her chair.  The white silk thong I remembered from earlier is gone, leaving nothing but the bare flesh of her light brown pussy lips exposed.  As I take in this cock stiffening sight, I think how good it must feel to have the filtered afternoon sun shining on her naked pussy.  Her tan outer lips and complete lack of tan lines tell me this isn't the first time those lips have enjoyed the sun this summer.  I look up to find her staring at my raging hard on, and by the wicked smile on her face, enjoying what she's done to me.  My eyes move back down to her beautiful pussy, letting the sight fill me with deep arousal for several seconds, then I again look up to her face, this time catching her eyes looking into mine.  A relaxed gentle smile appears on her face and her eyes drift down my erection.  I smile back knowing she can see the small dark spot of pre-cum on my shorts at the end of the outline of my cock.
Her focus lingers on my shorts for several seconds, then moves back to her book to continue studying, or at least trying to, much as I was "trying" to read my book earlier. 

I'm way lost, slouched in my chair, enjoying a limited but explicit view between her legs, and enjoying the constant stream of electricity coursing through my body.  I almost unconsciously ease my fingers over my throbbing erection and in my peripheral vision see her head move up slightly and feel her eyes on my fingers.  I'm at a definite disadvantage here, facing into the room where anyone might be able to see me as opposed to her facing the glass wall and tree tops behind me, so I have to be discreet.   The look in her eyes speaks volumes - two beautiful brown pools reflecting a deep state of arousal as her exhibitionist juices flow from knowing her pussy is on display, and seeing how it's caused my body to react.
I'm not even sure she's aware I'm looking at her face, but I watch as her mouth drops slightly open and that rush from exposing her moist pussy starts to take over her body.  She closes her eyes and slips down in her chair a few more inches, moving her right foot down to the floor and sliding her left outward along the edge of the table towards my outstretched legs until the arm of the chair stops her leg from going any further.  The hem of that sexy white dress is now clinging to her hip bones, looking more like a tank top than a dress.  My eyes are glued between her spread legs, taking in the sight of her beautiful lips, tracing those thin ribbons of flesh up to the "v" of her hood, her pubic hair shaved clean with the exception of a small closely shaved teardrop shaped patch of dark hair just above her clit. 

"Gorgeous" I half-whisper/half-moan causing her to open her eyes and look my way.  My god she looks so lost in all of this, and somehow, sitting in this very exposed position, she still has this aura about her that makes it visually, erotically, tasteful and sexy.
I continue to enjoy the delicious view, watching as she places her left hand on her inner thigh with her thumb just six inches or so from her hungry lips.  I feel her eyes checking out mine and I watch as her fingernails dig gently into that soft skin in an aroused response.  Seconds later she slides her hand further down her bare inner thigh, hesitating just short of touching herself.  She has my undivided attention, watching me, teasing me, then slowly withdrawing her hand from her inner thigh and once again wrapping her fingers around the book cover.

I look up to find her mouth slightly open and her eyes riveted to the outline of my rock hard erection, then in return I refocus mine on her soft sweet pussy, now glistening wet in the light of the afternoon sun.  Tracing her naked inner thighs and exploring her moist flesh with my eyes, I drift off into a daydream of us getting locked in this place after it closes and fucking each other to exhaustion in every position possible in that chair.  I stare into her eyes just as she looks up into mine and find such a hungry look on her face as if she could read my horny thoughts about what I want to do to her body. I have no doubt similar thoughts of erotic hunger are running through her head as well.

I subtly run the tip of my tongue once over my upper lip prompting her to close her eyes and lay her head back against the cushion as if feeling my tongue bathing her lips and clit.  She slides the foot of her extended right leg back towards her, bending her knee slightly letting her legs fall even further open as if she's giving me full access to her.  She has to know I'm sitting here dying to crawl between those long legs to get a delicious taste, opening those light brown petals with the tip of my tongue as it makes its way up under her hood, licking her, keeping her right on the edge until she's had all she can take and cums in waves of orgasmic pleasure...  She opens her eyes again, watching me as I stare between her wide open legs.  She's deeply lost in her exhibition, lost in knowing her exposed, wet, hungry box is on display to a total stranger who's dying to lick her and fuck her right in that chair.

I return to the fantasy of us getting locked in here, seeing her in my minds eye putting on her wedge heels, turning away from me and bending over the chair straight legged, her hands on the arms with her dress slid up to expose her entire ass.  I move in behind her and bury this hard dick up her wet, hungry hole. 

Suddenly she sits up, rolling her eyes as she sets her book down on the arm of the chair, brings her feet to the floor in front of her, and reaches down into her bag to grab her ringing phone.  After a quick check of the caller-id, she answers with "Hey, what's up?".  As the caller responds, she looks over to me and points at her phone with a questioning look on her face, as if asking if her talking on the phone will bother me.  I smile, then let her see my eyes dart down between her now only slightly open legs, then back up to her face.  A "you bad boy" look comes over her face, soon morphing into an devilish grin, acknowledging her tacit approval of the terms of her phone "privileges".
She eases back into her chair stretching both legs out on to the table alongside mine then crosses them at the ankles and begins quietly talking to her friend.  My eyes move to the "v" between her thighs and find her clit nicely exposed which sends me into a foggy daydream filled with thoughts of sucking that little piece of flesh into my mouth and bathing it with my wet tongue.
I sense her eyes on me as she talks and I hope like hell she can read every erotic thought in my head as I again scan those long legs all the way down to her feet.  Right ankle crossed over left her toes are a mere 6 inches away from my erect cock - sheer torture - yet this look-but-can't-touch situation is also so fucking stimulating.
She squirms a little causing her feet to rock slightly to the left leaving her little toe just a couple inches from my cock.  I look up and see her eyeing the outline of my erection as she talks to the caller, contemplating what she knows she can't do in this public place, but it's so arousing to read the desire in her eyes.

"I sound distracted?" she blurts out into the phone.  "Hmmmmm, I don't know why, I'm just hanging out here trying to catch up on some studying" she says a little louder, for my benefit.  A few seconds pass and in a surprised tone she reacts to something her friend says "That's today?.... crap I got so lost in studying I almost forgot.  Ok, I'll run home and shower and meet you there at 5", then ends the call.
I glance up at the clock and see it's almost 4:00, and know she'll be leaving soon.
She slides her feet back towards her chair keeping them dangerously close to my bare legs, then down to the floor.  I watch her bring her shoe to the edge of the table then raise her right knee almost up to her chin to allow her foot to slide into it.  She fumbles with the small buckle on the strap of her sexy wedge shoe while leaving her left leg open and her moist pussy completely exposed.
Again I flash to my earlier fantasy of her putting those shoes on and offering me her bare ass and wet pussy as she bends over the chair.  After 60 seconds of this dick stiffening scene, she repeats it with her left foot, taking her time as the warm afternoon sun shines on her naked crotch, driving me out of my mind.

Eventually, she lowers her foot to the floor and rises up to leave.  As she stands in front of me, I scan up her long tanned legs and smile when I see she hasn't pulled her dress down even an inch.  From my angle I can easily see her pussy lips, still wet from her exhibitionist display as she stands there watching me, feeding on the sight of my eyes focused between her legs.
After a thorough look, my eyes drift up her body, slowly past her very visible nipples and up to her face where I find the most mischievous grin.  "This dress has a mind of its own", she says with no hint of apology.  I let my eyes wander slowly down her body, then back up, pausing at her exposed crotch, then continuing back to her eyes.  "I like the way it thinks"  I shoot back.
She stares down at the outline of my hard dick - every contour visible though the thin material of my shorts - "I can see that" she replies, still flashing a slightly wicked grin.  "Maybe I can return the favor sometime" I throw out in response.  Her eyes lock onto mine and an such an aroused, lost look comes over her face.  Seeing the way she looked at my swollen cock this afternoon, it wasn't a huge leap to think she'd enjoy the tables being turned. But the look on her face tells me just how much the idea turns her on.

"Mmmmmmmmm, nice" I moan just loud enough for her to hear as she turns and bends over straight-legged to pick up her bag, exposing her firm ass to me.  Still bent at the waist, she whips her head around and gives me this "you're incorrigible" look, then keeps watching as my eyes dart back to her nicely exposed ass and pussy.  Did she read my mind?  Does she know how I'm dying to fuck her in that position?

I feel my spirit sink a little as she stands, bag in hand, and turns to leave.  I need to see this woman again and I don't care if she just wants to play show and tell, she's way too much fun to let slip away.  I've encountered a few exhibitionists in my life - all enjoyable encounters, but strictly anonymous, the only interaction being between my eyes and their body.  This seemed to begin that way as well, but the way she fed off my increasing interest and slowly let go of any inhibitions she may have started out with, went far beyond the typical anonymous flashing.  I loved every second of it!

As I'm about to open my mouth to say something, anything, she stops about 8 feet way and turns back towards me.  With her eyes locked onto mine, she reaches in her bag pulls out something and tosses it in my direction.  With a quick backhand grab, I catch the object, and look down to find her silk thong in my hand.  I examine it for a few seconds, smiling broadly, then set it down on my thigh covering my aroused dick.  I can see the arousal in her eyes at the sight of her thong covering my erection, those eyes lingering there for several seconds before she turns and heads toward the stairs.  I watch as the hem of her dress slowly drops down with every few steps - still high on her thighs, but now at an acceptable length as she strolls through the more public area. 
It's now or never, I think to myself as I stand to go catch up with her, but soon realize my very visible erection makes this a bad idea.  I sit back down and turn my eyes to her thong - feeling the fabric, remembering how she displayed it to me, and getting lost in those thoughts all over again.  Just then I notice what I thought was a garment tag, is actually a small piece of paper stuck inside the front panel.  I hastily look at the yellow post-it note - and smile when I find her handwritten e-mail address inside.
I pop my head up to look for her and find her almost out of sight up on the second floor.  To my surprise, she stops and turns back my direction.  I hold the post-it note up to let her know I found it, and although she's too far away for me to make out the expression on her face, I assume it to be one of those mischievous grins she flashed my way a few times this afternoon. 
"Girl, you have NO idea the kind of trouble we could get into",  I mumble to myself as I watch her walk out of sight.

So many scenarios race though my head about where we might meet again, and how we might continue this exhibitionist/voyeur fun.  I think about writing her when I get home, but no, I'll make her wait a few days letting the arousal of today's fun sink firmly into her mind and body as I know it will mine....